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What EmpowHER offers

Who we are


This program was created to help young women learn necessary skills to become great leaders. This program was developed specifically to empower young women to have the necessary knowledge, connections and relationships to gain personal growth and understanding of the complexity of today's society.

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Empowher will run a series of programs that will last for approximately 12 weeks.

All Programs, Seminars, Activities and Workshops will presently be Online.

We offer several different courses that strengthens leadership and civic responsibilities.

We offer a safe, open and supportive community for women.

We offer the opportunity to develop & use their skills to benefit organizations that needs their help.

We offer networking events and job preparatory training and support.

We have courses in Personal Development and Skills based training.

What We Need You to Offer

Commitment to the program.

Complete and hand in all necessary reports.

Go to at least 85% of the workshops, courses, seminars and presentations.

Take on at least 2 projects for the community in a voluntary position.

Take on at least 1 project developed by EmpowHER.


Social Media Marketing

Basic Web Design

Financial Literacy

Government & Civic Action

Workplace Etiquette

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