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What EmpowHER offers

Who we are


The EmpowHER Program believes that the Future is Female. With only a very small percentages of women in high-level leadership roles, we needed a program to give young women the ability to develop their skills to become future leaders while serving their community through various Volunteer Civic Engagement and Civic Action opportunities.

When you enter the program, you will immediately feel a sense of community. Past participants have stayed on to become peer mentors and new participants are encouraged to "think outside of their comfort zone" and challenge themselves in developing activities or events for our community that can create awareness, action or share important information.

In 2021, our participants came together to put some of the most important projects & events for not only their peers but for the entire community. They created the Federal Townhall during the Federal Election (Civic Responsibilities) , supported another youth in the community to create awareness about Covid 19 vaccinations and restrictions (Civic Action), Created a Career Exploration Fair (Civic Engagement) to help their peers research jobs through hearing the stories of people working in the field today. Planned and executed an Academic Fair to make sure that youth in Grade 10 and 11 will get the necessary support to eliminate their mental health anxiety due to the pandemic by allowing them a space where they can ask questions about their future goals. They also planned and executed an Environmental event inspired by a talk by 2 other CSC funded service partners. and ended the 2021 program by doing an event to remind women to honour the sacrifice of their own mothers and those women who paved their way.

These young women has proven over and over that our world is not complete without the contribution of women.

That women must be part of the change and must learn the necessary skills to be in charge of that change. EmpowHer has 4 pillars of empowerment training :

Pillar 1 - Digital Literacy Training

Pillar 2 - Financial and Social Skills Training

Pillar 3 - Governance, Canadian Government & Civic Action/Engagement and volunteering

Pillar 4 - Employability Skills and Sustainable Career Habits

And we work on Community projects based on issues that our participants brings to us or we support our participants in volunteering in places that supports the issues that they want to work on.

What We Need You to Offer

The commitment to the service and education we are offering you.

A minimum of 5 hours a week to work on various projects and attend various workshops over a minimum of 24 weeks.

To take the project on seriously, as we pick projects that can greatly impact a person's life.

Attend 85% of all workshops.

Participate in at least 2 service projects in the community.

Complete all necessary assessments an reports.

To complete all assigned projects.

Identify as a Female.

Age between 15-29.

Living in the Region of Peel.

Canadian Citizen, PR or Convention Refugee ( We do not accept International Students or Work Permits).


Social Media Marketing

Basic Web Design

Financial Literacy

Government & Civic Action

Workplace Etiquette