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Alumnae 2022

Palvi Chahal

Hi! I'm Palvi Chahal, my pronouns are she/her and I'm currently a sophomore in highschool. I joined EmpowHer because I've always been passionate about women's rights and I believe women are great leaders. My hobbies include doing arts and crafts, dancing, listening to music, and volunteering. I look forward to working with an amazing team to make a positive impact in our community!

Krishantini Jagadees Malathi

I am a grade 10 IB student...I am a curious, persevering and diligent individual who likes playing the violin and badminton, reading fantasies/thrillers, doing photography, and spending time outdoors in her free time. I love travelling; especially going on road trips! My life motto is: "live everyday like it's your last."

Agamjot Kaur

Agamjot is an eleventh-grade high school student residing in the peel region. Over the past couple of years, she has become interested in the social sciences and humanities. She one day hopes to teach these subjects! Agamjot is persistent, passionate, a good communicator and an extrovert. She joined the team to gain skills and experience, make connections and give back to her community through the exceptional initiatives at EmpowHer!

Samanta Sohail

I am Samanta Sohail, currently studying grade 11 at Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School. I have done multiple volunteering ranging from participating in the Finastra Hack to The Future Workshop, which enabled me to utilize critical thinking and problem-solving methods to come up with strategies to help banked/underbanked issues. Furthermore, I was a member of Youth Lead, where I gained the most amount of experience from attending the workshops like Elevator Pitch and leading the event planning team for the Evergreen Event. Not only this, but I attended the main event and training sessions to prepare for STEM1 Coding and Roboics Academy's Jr Hacks Event, which was another great opportunity for me to interact and discuss students' interests in coding. The reason why I joined Empowher is that I want to enhance my communication skills and be able to present the best of my skills amongst the great and passionate members of the program. I enjoy doing art and meditating in my free time.

Parvini Coonjoobeeharry

I'm volunteering to enrich my skills as well as be of service to others. I want to put myself in environments that allow me to grow emotionally and intellectually as such. Volunteering with Empowher enables me to connect with other ambitious women and learn from what they have to offer. My future plans for my career begin with post-secondary education at a university in engineering or computer science. I'm intrigued by this path because for one I'll always be challenged and I would be able to apply my skills to help in many aspects of society like health, public welfare, the environment, etc... In such a male-dominated field, it can be hard for other women to show their interest in these careers. I want other young girls like myself to see that it's possible for women to be successful in STEM.

Muskaan Dhaliwal

Hello! I am Muskaan and I am currently a grade 10 student. I am 15 years of age, and have participated in multiple clubs, and events at my school and in my community. I have participated in music councils, athletic councils, volleyball teams, debate committees, and more. In my community I have joined religious campaigns, volunteered, and done copious amounts offund-raising. As a child I spent my summers fundraising money for Terry fox - raising about $600 in my years. Stepping out of my house and into my community allowed me to build fundamental skills that aid me everyday. I wish to continue to grow, and improve qualities that will contribute to making the future of equality an achievable destination.

Allisha Saini

Hello! My name is Allisha Saini and I am in grade 11. I am currently in school on the last leg of my semester! I don't know what i plan on fully pursuing yet because I like a little bit of everything! I'm really interested in STEM related stuff or law! Fun fact Cleopatra wasn't actually Egyptian! She was Greek!

Abeer Ali

Hi, my name is Abeer Ali and I'm 15 years old. I am in grade 10 and I am from Pakistan. I have been in Canada for about 3 years. Before Canada I used to live in the UAE. Many people don't know where that is, it is the country where Dubai is located. Some hobbies of mine would include drawing which i recently started to learn, reading which is my go to thing to do when I have no work to do, baking and writing as I have written above in my 3 skills. During the elections, I campaigned/volunteered for Iqra Khalid, which was a wonderful experience. I have also volunteered to help teach girls in India english.

Aneela Chaudhry

Hey, my name is Aneela Chaudhry, I'm 16 years old and in grade 11. I think that Empowerher is an amazing opportunity to gain new skills while giving back to the community and, like it says in its name, empower women. Women are the backbone of our society and it is only now that they are beginning to be recognized for all the accomplishments, hard work, and sacrifices that they have made. Women are changing the name of the game and forcing the world to acknowledge them as MVPs. I want to be a part of this change and heal the wounds of those who don't have anyone to look after them. That is why I want to head towards the medical field, I want to be able to travel to different countries, to those who are in need of healthcare and make a difference in their lives however miniscule.

Manmeet Dayal

Hi, my name is Manmeet. My hobbies are swimming, reading, coding, and ice skating. I am volunteering because I want to gain new experiences and get involved in my community. In the future I would like to be a computer programmer or applications architect.

Sankavi Piratheepan

Hello, my name is Sankavi Piratheepan and I am currently a grade 10 student. If you got to know me, you would learn that I am a hard working and empathetic individual, which is what drives my passion for joining organisations such as EmpowHer. Being a part of such groups provides me the opportunity to learn more about my interests so that I can help others and make a positive change in the world. As for my hobbies, when I'm not completing school work, the arts have become a main form of relief and expression for me, whether that be painting, singing or listening to a new artist. Additionally, I truly enjoy volunteering and have been doing so for the last few years, as well as participating in extracurriculars such as school clubs. I find that dedicating time towards those things, gives me new experiences and knowledge I would've otherwise not gained. Overall, I'm an individual who is always willing to expand my horizon and can't wait to see what lies ahead with EmpowHer.

Kira Hamilton

My name's Kira (she/her) and I currently attend high school in Brampton. I'm 16 and right now I hope to pursue a career in studying geriatric neuroscience aka studying old people's brains. I am someone who always listens to others opinions and is open to new and different topics. As a female I believe that being within programs such as empowHer will lead to strong, independent female leaders of the future. I hope to be one of those future female leaders and maybe even inspire somebody?? If not, I've inspired myself which is just as important. #girlboss

Mahum Qureshi

I'm in grade 11, and I would like to go into business and accounting. I love to paint, sing, read, watch movies and do research about things that are happening around the world.

Muskaan Sahi

Muskaan Sahi is a high school student in the Peel District School Board. When she has free time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music and reading. Muskaan was born and raised in Canada. She wants to go into a career in finance. Muskaan is passionate about the environment, and gender equality. She joined EmpowHer to attend workshops, create new friends with the same interests, and learn skills that can be applied in her future career.

Heaven Getahun

My name is Heaven Getahun; I am Studying Business Administration Marketing in my last semester. My background, I am from Ethiopia, grew up in Sudan and came to Canada 5 years ago. I speak different languages, English, Arabic, and Amharic, and I understand Tigrinya. I work part-time as a cashier in Fresco grocery store and work online with CanTalk as an interpreter. I am involved in volunteer tutoring programs under the Ethiopian orthodox church. I had other volunteer experience with interpreting and tutoring programs with kids. I enjoy spending time with family friends and learning new things. I am a patient, motivated and energetic person; I look forward to building more new skills and my network with Empower.

Lovina Chadha

Hi everyone! My name is Lovina Chadha and I am a 15 year old High School student in Ontario, Canada. I joined Empowher because I see strength and growth in females whom this organization has helped and see rise in it's experiences, milestones and initiatives. I set forth my image and persona as an inspiring, driven and positive individual that only wishes for the advance of our female community. Those who are categorized as a minority in scattered parts of the world are who I strive to perform and put in effort for. As a young girl and uptil now, my major parental figure has been my able-minded and motivating mother. Her presence, encouragement and teachings have displayed the understanding of an accomplished woman in my head. Due to this, the standards I now set for myself are one's that I've seen my mother achieve by raising me. My everyday motive is to be the change or persuasion that I wish to see in the world. Female empowerment is one of the globe’s greatest objective's and I'm participating in Empowher to attain that goal.

Japnaam Kamboj

Hi! My name is Japnaam and I'm looking forward to creating change in my community! I'm volunteering for EmpowHER because I hope to be provided the opportunity to work with other women and young girls that also want to make a lasting impact in our community. I've seen countless women in my life, and on the internet, be disparaged, solely due to the fact that they are women, and it's an issue I genuinely care about. I want to be a part of the solution. I want to be a part of a program that helps other young women just like me understand the power and capability they really have, and how they can achieve success in the career of their dreams. As a career, I hope to pursue medicine and become a physician. Not many women or girls choose to pursue a career in S.T.E.M, but I believe that with programs such as EmpowHER, more women will be able to do a job they love.

Sanjana Patel

Hello, my name is Sanjana Patel. I am a first year student at the University of Toronto that is pursuing Business Management. In the future, with my degree I would like to specialize in finance or accounting as I have a desire to work in the Finance Industry and currently am looking for positions that can potentially help me obtain a Financial Analyst role in the future. Since grade 11, after taking my first accounting course I have been gravitated to the field, which led me to joining DECA Ontario, participating in case studies in the finance category that helped me with my problem solving skills and analytical skills. It also helped me play a role in a Financial Analyst position, being able to see what responsibilities and roles they play in a business. As a woman, I understand that there are many barriers in my path when it comes to breaking glass ceilings and the norms of women in business environments. I hope to challenge these stereotypes through my work. I have previously worked for organizations such as United.lly where I promoted women empowerment and was part of Zonta in high school, a club that advocates for women's rights. Using the previous experience and knowledge I possess I seek learning opportunities to grow as an individual.

Hibah Jelani

Hi, my name is Hibah Jelani and I go by the pronouns she/her. I never thought that I could be part of such a diverse community of women working towards a greater cause. But now I am proud to say that it is exactly what I will be doing here! For now, my only plans for the future are to study hard and somewhat throw myself out there. I look forward to finding my passion and figuring out what I really want to pursue in the future.

Ariana Khairulla

Ariana Khairulla is a high school student in the Peel District School Board. From a young age, she has enjoyed reading, writing, and playing video games. She plans to pursue a career in business, in either Human Resources or Communications. Ariana has always fought in whatever way she could for gender equality. She strives to let the whole world know of what she thinks on the subject one day. She joined EmpowHer to enhance and learn skills that could be used later in life.

Ghazala Singh

My name is Ghazala Singh. I am 15 years old, and a grade 10 high school student. My pronouns are she/her. I am a hardworking, dedicated and ambitious individual, and I strongly believe in finishing what I start. I enjoy spending my spare time doing things that relax me, these include reading, playing with my dog and watching movies. I have always been an avid reader which helped build an admiration for writing. My top classes based on preference and performance are math and science. I love challenges and helping others in need. I have always been passionate about learning and believe that education is a privilege available to few. I recognize my blessings and hence never take my opportunities for granted. I am a team player and passionate about making a difference in society (to change the world for the better). Above all, I believe that my curious nature is what defines me and makes me unique. I have always pondered over the deeper questions in life. This is what brought about my passion for science, as science has always encouraged us to question how and why things in this world function the way they do.

Zahra Anjum

Zahra Anjum is a tenth-grade student who was born and raised in the GTA. She is volunteering at EmpowHer because she wants to learn crucial life and work skills through an empowering and kind community. Meeting inspiring and strong women is one of the many benefits she believes she will receive by volunteering at EmpowHer. Her future plans include attending Med school and becoming either an anesthesiologist or a surgeon. Zahra enjoys reading, watching movies and T.V shows, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the world. She enjoys working with and helping others. Additionally, event planning and graphic designing are amusing and intriguing to her. She would love to make a difference and change in the world and inspire other young women.

Sahiba Sethi

My name is Sahiba. I am seventeen years old. She/her are my pronouns. My long-term intention is to pursue a career in the life sciences. In the future, I would like to work as a pharmacist. I became a member of EmpowerHer peel after attending one of their financial webinars. I was impressed at how effectively I was able to connect with ladies from other professions. I'm hoping that by connecting with more individuals through EmpowerHer, I'll be able to improve my self-confidence and become the version of myself that I've always wanted to be.

Krishnakali Pathak

Hello, my name is Krishnakali Pathak, and I am currently in my second year of high school (2021-2022) at Port Credit Secondary, Mississauga. I have participated in various community related projects in my school, the most recent one being fundraising for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which was later donated to the Red Cross. Ever since I was a kid, I had always feared trying new things, but as I got to highschool, it exposed me to different kinds of activities that helped reduce my fear and taught me that there is nothing wrong with learning new things every day. I hope that trying out for volunteer organizations such as Empowher will give me the opportunity to learn new things to enhance my daily life.

Nowshin Saiyara Mahmud

I am Nowshin Saiyara Mahmud and I am a current grade 10 student. I chose to join EmpowHer in an effort to gain experience through volunteering. I am well aware of the growing importance of volunteering when it comes to hiring criteria. I believe joining EmpowHer will give me the opportunity to meet this criteria and achieve my goal of becoming an Environmental Scientist which will allow me to prevent the ongoing global warming crisis, habitat destruction and more.

Divya Sivaram

Divya is a STEM enthusiast and is super excited to be participating in the Empowher this summer. She is thankful for the opportunity to learn and contribute towards women empowerment.

As a rising junior at Highschool in Peel region, Divya is a dedicated honour student enrolled in International Baccaluearate program. Divya is part of the DECA team and placed in the natiionals DECA competition. Diya is a Teenage Ambasador for Canada Learning code and formed her Girls coding club to empower girls with coding knowledge and help them take up Computer as an elective.She is a STEM enthusiast and proud of her partiticipation in the Brain Bee competition, STEM Leadership Academy. Recently she took part in the Global Changemakers Engineering Competition hosted by Ryerson University to decode United Nations Climate change mandate. Her team placed second in the product re-engineering category. She also plays on her high School varsity Table Tennis team and won silver medal in the provincials. She obtained a scholarship to participate in the "Advanced Medical Neuroscience Internship" by Leadership initatives.

In the Future Divya would like to pursue a career in STEM with an intersection of Technology and Medical Sciences. In particular her interest has been in the cutting edge bio-medical innovation in neuroscience deep brain simulation devices. It is her dream to help teenager with neurological disoroders to have a better quality of life through research and technology and give them the opportunity to experience and enjoy life.

Amreet Kooner

Amreet Kooner is a high school student who loves socializing, reaching her goals, and creating memories with the people around her. In the future, she aims to enter the finance field of business; she wants to prove that a woman can do it too! Growing up in a Sikh family, she was always taught the values of giving back to her community and doing "Seva" (a Punjabi word meaning "helping others"). Thus, she joined EmpowHer to find opportunities to help her make a difference alongside many strong and ambitious womxn. As she continues her journey with the organization, she hopes to make meaningful connections, discover more about herself, and have an essential role in her community.

Zarah Bajwa

My name is Zarah Bajwa and I am currently in high school. I was born in Pakistan but moved to Saudi Arabia when was 3 years old and then moved to Canada when I was 7. I travelled a lot as a kid, and perhaps that's the reason why I love traveling so much. Reading fictional books, sketching, playing badminton, and hanging out with family and friends is what I love to do during my free times. As a person, I am hardworking and devoted to any and every task at hand. I am part of a council at school, VPAC, where we host activities related to Art and Drama. So, I love planning and hosting events very much! I'm usually very laid back, but when it comes to work or future plans, I take them very seriously. As my father was a Radiologist, I want to follow in his footsteps. I may change the speciality path but getting into medical is my top priority when it comes to my career plans. I believe that being a part of EmpowHer will allow me to gain valuable transferable skills and to see the miraculous world of powerful and talented women.

Amna Rehman

Amna, a current 11th grader, enjoys spending her time helping and discovering new interests and abilities. She enjoys spending her leisure time learning new creative skills like baking and painting. She consistently strives for great academic marks while striking a healthy balance between her social and academic lives. She has acquired a variety of talents through several youth programs including AISEC, GNI, and EmpowHER in projects where she participates in various roles, including graphic design, event planning, marketing, outreach, etc. Due to her outgoing nature, she likes working on projects and public speaking at events. Amna also aims to pursue a healthcare career in the future.

Hannah Thomas

Hannah Thomas is currently a senior at Harold M. Brathwaite S.S. She was raised in Canada for the majority of her life and has always believed in the concept of giving back to the community- Hannah started to volunteer from a very young age by partnering with food banks to help the homeless, spend time with seniors, organize Youth LEad fairs, work at the hospital, etc. Being a female advocate herself, Hannah started to volunteer with EmpowHer to raise awareness on the importance of women in leadership roles. Hannah has always lived by the concept that if you ever feel like there isn't a place for you at the table, build your own chair! She believes that women were not put in this world to simply shadow men or follow their footsteps, but instead, women were meant to stand out as resilient and courageous beings making an impact and leaving a legacy wherever they go. In the future, Hannah aspires to become a Medical Doctor and specialize in a field catering to young children. From there, she has the dreams to travel out to non-developed countries and aid the innocent souls. Hannah also loves seeking new opportunities and valuable experiences. When it comes to better serving the community, count her in with no hesitation! Socializing is one of Hannah's favourite hobbies, she loves to meet new people so feel free to contact her!

Ekaterina Ziateva

My name is Kate. I am a Quality Assurance Engineer (Software Tester) with over 3 years of experience. I have a Bachelor's of Management from Russia. Currently, I am a new immigrant in Canada and looking for a job here. For this, I need to strengthen my skills. Also, I always try to help others by providing my own experience and exploring every way to get engaged in the community. This is why I am really excited about this volunteer position.

Garima Jain

Hi, I'm Garima Jain. I was born in India and spent my childhood in the same school with the same group of friends. I never had the opportunity to give back to my community or gain confidence but now that I'm living in Canada, I hope to be able to create relationships, gain invaluable skills and experiences as well as give back to others through volunteering with Empowering Others Women (empowher). I'm currently in high school, but hope to study science at university when I graduate. Women in STEM are very important, I hope to be one of them one day.

Gurleen Manes

Hello, my name is Gurleen Manes, and I am currently a 16-year-old high school student. Riding my bike and learning about new topics, such as women's empowerment, are two of my favorite hobbies. As a woman, I believe it is critical to support and encourage one another in order to make progress. Volunteering at Empowher is a rewarding experience as I can learn and even contribute to make a difference. Currently, I'm planning on working in the medical field for my future career, but I'm not sure what kind of position I'd like to work in. I can be reached by the email:!

Harkeerat Bhatia

My name is Harkeerat Bhatia. I am a Gr.12 student at an amazing high school in Brampton. I have been volunteering with local regional councillor candidates and MPP Charmaine Williams. I like spending my free time with my younger brother or listening to music. I am confident and have great communication skills. I am a high school student with an inquisitive nature, who is passionate about making a change and giving back to my community. To do so I have started working on a waste management project within the community to raise awareness about sorting garbage properly. I want to join EmpowHER to gain valuable skill sets from the various workshops and resources offered while also engaging within valuable community projects to help and empower those around me. My interests range from accounting to photoshop to debating to learning about the law. I hope to study and practice in the field of law one day!

Harleen Mehne

My name is Harleen Mehne, and I'd like to introduce myself. I am seventeen years old and in the eleventh grade. She/her/they/them are my pronouns. My aspiration is to work in the field of technology design. I hope to work as an architect in the future. I want to volunteer with this organization because I admire how far EmpowHER has come and want to work with them to use my voice to make a difference in the world.

Heeta Kaku

I would like to volunteer at Empowher as I am interested in women empowerment projects. It brings me great joy to help fellow women in their pursuit for success in this male dominated world. My future plans for my career are to work as a Data analyst and work towards Investment Banking job.

Mah Noor Shahzad

My name is Mah Noor. I am a designer and an artist. I have done my Bachelor Degree in BS Design. i want to volunteer because i want to build a strong network and want to know more about canadian culture and people. Iwant to meet new people want to learn and share my skills and ideas and thoughts. My career plans to study further in a major design feild and then to start my own small business.

Martha Yousif

No matter where we come from, women across the world share one thing in common: experience of gender inequality. We often have to put in more effort to be taken seriously or accepted in higher academic standings. Thus, a lot of women, including myself, feel discouraged to be something greater. Joining a team like EmpowHER where women are encouraged to explore themselves is a great opportunity for women like me. EmpowHER provides the activities, lessons, and skills to benefit women in their search for a better future. From what I've heard from friends who volunteer here, this program is a space where I can work in a team and not feel like my gender is a barrier. Additionally, it provides many opportunities to explore different jobs and careers. Currently, I'm experiencing a lot of confusion trying to understand what I want to pursue in the future. Although I'm likely going to apply for post-secondary, it's important to understand where my interests lie and what I want to apply to first. Hence, getting a chance to research more on different careers is very beneficial! Even getting to learn about less interesting careers can help you find new hobbies or unexpected interests!

Maryam Kashif Zeeshan

I would like to be a part of EmpowHER because I would love to gain experience in different organisations. This will be my first time working in a government funded organisation and I couldn't be more excited to start this journey. My aim with all my volunteering in any organisation that I have worked with is to make a difference, learn and help. I like gaining experiences in different fields to see my likes and dislikes as it will make me who I want to be in the future! I look forward to working with your organisation and hope to have a great time with wonderful people. Thank you for the opportunity!

Niraimathi Kandhasamy

Hi!! My name is Niraimathi Kandhasamy and I'm from Tamil Nadu India. I am a grade 12 high school student who has a passion for the visual arts and loves to paint. Recently after my first biology class in grade 11, I developed an interest in Biology and want to pursue a related subject at university. I especially love Genetics! I've been learning and performing traditional Indian classical dancing since I was 6 and I use dance and painting as a way of expressing myself and the things I like. I love listening to Tamil music and I'm an amateur cook! I joined EmpowHer because I want to help others like me. Others who don't understand or have a clear idea of what is necessary to pursue their interests and have a successful career. I want to do this while I myself learn and gain my own experiences and then be able to share those experiences with others and grow together.

Oorja Tyagi

Oorja Tyagi (she/her) is currently a grade 10 student. She was born in India and moved to Canada with her family at the age of ten. She hopes to pursue a career in business and become a successful entrepreneur. She is outgoing, a quick learner, and has great communication skills. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and doing digital design. She is passionate about supporting feminism, gender equality, and female empowerment. Oorja joined the EmpowHer community with the goal of making strong connections, developing transferable skills, and improving herself so she could give back to her community.

Parwin Mojadaddi

Parwin Mojadaddi, Our community is Our home, and so it must be cherished and respected, so volunteering is our responsibility, I aim to be an expert in my career and complete my master education.

Rasheedhat Sulaiman

My name is Rasheedaht and I'm a graduate of health science studies, I specialized in occupational health and safety promotion. I have 3-5 years experience working as a health researcher, health promoter and occupational health and safety officer. I enjoy conducting researches, promoting health and helping employees work in a safe environment. I look forward to using my education, training and skill set to touch more lives.

Resha Callaghan

Hi, My name is Resha Callaghan and I am a graduate of the Personal Support Program. During that course I realized that I have a passion to serve others in my community. I strongly believe in fighting for equal rights for women and awareness for womens health issues. As a PPROM (Premature Rupture of the Membranes) mother, and mother of child and infant loss I find it extrememly important to bring awareness to issues that need to be addressed before, during and after pregnancy. I will make it my mission to research and find solutions to getting the proper information out there to our community. Serving our community, working together and building eachother up through empathy and support is strength.

Saja Abusif

An ambitious business management student with profound knowledge of the Financial Markets with great transferable skills that have been gained from learning at Ryerson University and George Brown College.

Have done many projects in Finance courses such as Financial Planning and budgeting, Financial statements Analysing and Microsoft Office data analysis.

An avid reader and linguistic enthusiast.


I am a dedicated professional who is passionate about all things SEO. I come from an engineering background and love to problem solve. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, listening to music, reading books and spending time with nature. I love to volunteer because it gives me a sense of purpose and a chance to contribute to a good cause.

Sedra Alshamaly

EmpowHER is an opportunity for me to share my viewpoint, my power, my voice as a youth and girl in today's society. It's a place I can prove my worth and show my true capability. Being someone who is looking forward to achieving the future goals set; taking the law and health paths, I'm striving to do my best everyday and trying new things to get the best of the world we live in! Being a doctor has always been a big thing in my life; specifically a doctor who is focused on finding cures for dangerous diseases and creating new innovative ideas to solve issues. And as for the law path, I want to become a defence lawyer, putting justice on it's true levels because I myself have been through too much at such young ages; having been traumatized and left helpless along with my family and would never want anyone to be put in a situation like that. Though I would also love to be a detective in my law journey, being so intrigued in mysteries and solving problems. And I'm determined and hopeful that the future I will step into will not disappoint!

Urooj Jivani

Hi, I am Urooj. I am an Accounting & Finance graduate and a new immigrant in Canada. I want to give back to the community and try to help other women like me who are new and trying to settle in. I want to be able to stand for women rights and also learn communication, leadership from a program like Empowher.

Yashmi Madaan

My name is Yashmi Madaan, currently a grade 12 student aspiring to achieve success as a medical professional in the future. Growing up, I have been passionate about the sciences and helping others through it but always noticed a lack of representation which always disappointed me. Thus, I am volunteering with EmpowHER as it will provide me with the means to encourage and increase the representation of women in all fields so young girls, such as myself, can feel promoted and empowered to take risks and break barriers.

Ziena Elsabban

My name is Ziena and I joined Empowher in order to expand my network, gain new important skills, find opportunities to get involved in my community, help others, and boost my confidence to speak on what I believe in. In the future I hope to work in the field of business; market products and help others with their finance. I hope to be the person others rely on for help whether in the finance department or in general situations. My goal in the future is to be happy, kind and obliging.

Thanusha Kamaleswaran

I am interested in being a part of Empowher. I am intrigued with the company's goals and ambitions as I value this initiative and want to be a part of a culture that reaches out to other females and has an uplifting atmosphere where the Women are welcomed without any discrimination. I believe that my skills and experience would contribute greatly to your company's mission as I am an individual who believes that human rights is a must for every individual. My aspiration is to work as a social worker in the future. I want to make a difference in other people's lives, especially in the lives of women.

Armeen Mughal

I would like to volunteer in various events through empowerHer as it provides learning experiences for young women like me as they flourish and discover their interests. I believe that this opportunity would allow me to give back to the community and simultaneously acquire the extensive benefits of volunteer work. Volunteering will help me develop a sense of civic responsibility and become knowledgeable concerning my surroundings while working towards the betterment of society. Volunteering not only helps make a difference in society, but helps students develop their academic skills such as time management, and prioritization. Due to the extensive impact covid has had on students like me, meeting new people and being a part of various clubs has not been as impactful. Therefore, empowerHer has given me this opportunity, and I will do everything in my power to maintain its integrity. Concerning my academic future and goals as a student, currently I am working towards honing my abilities and discovering my talents so that I may apply to programs which will nurture these abilities even further. I acquire a keen interest in the field of law and am working towards fulfilling the requirements needed to pursue law in university.

Manmeet Kaur

I have always been enthusiastic about helping others. My passion has grown tremendously as I transitioned into various roles in the healthcare profession. I believe in volunteering to utilize my skills for the betterment of others. I am a registered practical nurse and will be a registered nurse by next summer. I plan to go to medical school one day to help and give back to my community by serving and helping them by becoming a compassionate and competitive physician.

Dharitri Prajapati

Hello! I'm Dharitri and I'm in grade 11. I'm outgoing, adventurous, and my favourite things to do are paint, read, and listen to crime podcasts. I'm not entirely sure what career path I would like to go down, but I love ethics! Criminology, law, rights, and ethics are all very fascinating to me. I chose to volunteer at Empowher because it provides young girls with the skills and teaching they need to become successful, independent adults. I was raised in a family where the females are fully dependent on the women. My desire to become an independent, successful woman was influenced by that. Organizations like Empowher can help girls like me in defeating gender biases and norms that they are often living through.

Alisha Mahmood

Hi, my name is Alisha, I am a grade 10 student. I have a cooking channel where I upload dishes for people to try. After high school, I am aiming to go to York University to pursue a degree in business administration. Later on, I will start my own restaurant after I get my degree which I am passionate about. I have always loved learning about business. In my business class, I have demonstrated skills such as leadership, marketing, accounting, creating engaging presentations and more which can be useful in this program. I am fully committed to making a difference in the community. Helping other girls become more confident and independent with the skills that I will learn like leadership, financial literacy, graphic design, software skills, law, policies and more. Working in Empower with girls is a great way I can express my creativity and my business side. From this program, I can gain real-life work experience which can benefit me when applying for a job. I can't wait to work with a team to tackle issues that girls face or help them find their passion. The future is female and I am devoted to support this program as it can make positive change in every girls lives.

Aida Akbari

I am volunteering with the EmpowHer program to create change in my community, create new opportunities for women, and grow in all aspects. I believe that this program will change my life and the lives of other women in an undeniable way. I will gain the chance to work on my collaboration and leadership skills, which will be valuable as I continue to work on my education and further my career in health sciences.

Briana Seecharran

Hi my name is Briana Seecharran and I am currently a highschool student who is very eager to bring a positive change to my community in any way that I can. I hope to be able to continue giving back and bring about social change in the future as I choose a post-secondary occupation.

Kashika Sharma

Hello! My name is Kashika Sharma. I'm 15 years old, and I love to play soccer, learn languages and listen to music. I'm still not quite sure what I want to study. But that's okay! I'll learn as I grow and I hope to pursue something I’m passionate about. Working with EmpowHer will give me the chance to showcase the opportunities available to women and help dismantle the narrative of what a "good" woman should be like. As a female student myself, I want to help create a better future for women that encourages strength, unity, and equal opportunity.

Laavanya Thiagalingam

Hey! My name is Laavanya Thiagalingam and I identify as a woman. I love to give back to the community and learn new skills. I am a hardworking and committed individual who always strives for greater change. I am volunteering with EmpowHer with the hope to break boundaries set for women, gain new experiences, and help represent women in work. Creating safe environments for women to work in has always been a movement I love to contribute to and I know EmpowHer will help with exactly that. I am currently an aspiring high school student and, in the future, I hope to pursue computer science post-secondary with a degree and become a software engineer. I aim to create a mobile application game from scratch and deploy it. I have delved into multiple coding languages including Swift, Java and Python. Additionally, I am open to any new learning opportunities and ways to give back to the world through the use of technology. I can’t wait to see what EmpowHer has in store for us!

Maira Gera

Hi, my name is Maira and I am currently a grade 10 student in the Peel District School Board. I am a hardworking and committed individual, passionate about the environment and volunteering to help give back to my community, having participated in multiple events over the past summer. I am willing to go out of my comfort zone to discover new opportunities, speak to others and stand up for my beliefs. Some of my hobbies include reading, photography, and creative writing. Photography has always played a big part in my life, with my mom being my inspiration to pick up the camera. Talking further in depth about one of my beliefs, I want to break down the gender barriers and stereotypes, being able to show that women can be a part of male-dominated industries. I believe in being able to further empower women, especially the youth of today who will one day lead the future, correlates with EmpowHer's goals. In relation to this, my future career plans are to pursue engineering, particularly in the computer science sector. I wish for more women to pursue their careers in STEM, wherein I believe that EmpowHer is a great start.

Dhruthi Pathuri

Hi! I'm Dhruthi and I'm in Grade 11. My favourite things to do are sing, play guitar and read. I am a part of EmpowHER because I believe the program's goals and workshops will help me expand on my skills and give me opportunities to take civic action in a meaningful way in areas that I am passionate about. I believe the emphasis this program has on empowering women is integral in creating a more equal and beneficial world for everyone. In the future, I plan to study Psychology in a post-secondary institution, and I am pursuing a career in clinical psychology. I am excited to be able to help people with their mental health specifically through this program's many opportunities.

Ayaana Farooq

Hi, my name is Ayana. I want to volunteer in order to make a difference in my community especially in regards to women's rights. I want to play a more active role in making sure everyone is treated equally regardless of gender. I hope that this will build my confidence and leadership ability. From a young age I have always been interested in exploring the mysteries of a universe outside of earth. In the future I hope to work in space technology or become an astrophysicist.

Althea Mariscal

My name is Althea Marie Mariscal and I joined empowHER to become a volunteer. I have experienced being helpless and be in dire situations which is why I saw volunteering as the way for me to be of service to those people that needs a hand. My future plan involves me graduating and attaining a diploma on my chosen course related to the healthcare field.

Mannat Ghator

Instagram profile: @mannat_ghator Greetings! My name is Mannat Ghator, and I describe myself as an exuberant, passionate and disciplined high school student - frequently seeking worthwhile opportunities to be able to come into the assistance of others, and further my professional and academic experience. I aspire to become a skillful physician after successfully obtaining a BSc degree. In terms of what my interests are, I am highly engrossed in everything science, mathematics and medicine, and also demonstrate keen enthrallment in involving myself with creating artwork. I enjoy solving the Rubik's Cube/puzzles/mind games/riddles, take interest in coming to the aid of others, relish spending time reading books, and find pleasure in watching informative documentaries/TV shows that help bolster my general knowledge. Oh, and let's not forget my immense affection and endearment towards a K-pop boy band called BTS!! EmpowHer was brought into formation with the main intent of empowering young women to form a greater liking and stance in volunteerism. Hence, becoming an integral member of EmpowHer can aid me in bolstering/developing necessary skills to be able to contribute to change in my community. Personally, after entering the field of medicine, I intend to create shifts in the way the healthcare system operates by working towards closing gaps in social, cultural, economic, and geographic factors that limit healthcare access. EmpowHer's central focus on providing young females (like myself) services in the community, alongside aiding in developing experience + interpersonal skills through volunteerism, can greatly assist in exposing me to inspiring ideas, opportunities and tools to build my self-assurance - resulting me in being more confident that I can take on implementing changes in the healthcare system. EmpowHer will also provide me with a community of belonging, identify university and career interests, explore ways to take action as a community changemaker, and forge strong bonds within a dynamic intergenerational and intercultural community.

Jiya Rawal

My name is Jiya Rawal and I am currently a high school senior. With Strong Leadership and Communication Skills, Volunteer Experience, and an Optimistic Attitude, I continually seek ways to bring forth positive change and contribute to society through activism. Through my immense interaction-based volunteer and extracurricular experience in Medical Science, Government/ Politics, Environment, and Religion, I am determined to give back to humankind in any way possible. I aim to become a doctor and shine a light in the lives of humankind. I decided to join EmpowHer to gain leadership and organizational opportunities related to the medical science, non-profit, and government/politics realm and help contribute to society's welfare. I am drawn to performing social initiatives regarding healthcare disparities across the world like lack of access to sanitary pads and wish to carry these forward with the help of EmpowHer.

Amrit Sethi

Hello, my name is Amrit. I'm very passionate about making a difference and giving to the community. My motivation for joining EmpowerHER is to connect and work with other girls who share similar interests and hobbies. I want to learn more about different career paths, opportunities, and making changes in our community. I wish to learn about businesses and marketing, global issues and more. I'm very excited to be on the team and meet new people.

Malayeka Zahid

Malayeka Zahid, a high school senior currently in grade 12, focused on expanding her experience through volunteer work and developing her social networking abilities. She believes that by joining EmpowHer, she can become a more active member of the community and learn to utilize her skills by challenging herself to reach greater goals and seize new opportunities. Her plan for future education is to pursue a career that straddles the lines of business and science in her future studies since she is interested in a variety of subjects and thinks that broadening her career will allow her to explore her endless passions and hobbies. By developing new skills and interests, she hopes to empower and uplift other women by serving as a source of encouragement to bring the change they seek and help them become more confident and empowered.

Jatheki Kunanithy

My name is Jatheki Kunanithy. I'm interested in volunteering for EmpowHer Program as I have passion for helping peers out and would like to build my experience with you.

I participated in grade 08 summer program and school-related club. I did various assignments that require me to use good communication and problem-solving skills and earned several hours and a credit that would be used later on in high school. With the digital media club, I was able to develop my career in photography and editing software. Along the way, I learned that it wasn't about getting the volunteer hours but finding more things that represents who you are.

Emaan Aasif

Hello! My name is Emaan and I am 17 years old. Some of my hobbies are drawing, listening to music, gaming and writing short stories. I am happy to be a part of EmpowHer because I will have the chance to become more involved in my community and work on my social skills. In the future, I would like to be an English teacher because I really like English and I think it will be fun to teach others.

Mounika Raj Meegada

This is Mounika Raj Meegada and I'm from India. Currently working as an IAM Analyst at Bank of Montreal (BMO). I came to Canada to pursue my Masters and graduated with a Master of IT Security in 2019. Immediately after graduation, I started working as an IT Security Analyst Co-Op for a period of 7 months at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and transitioned into the full-time role in the same company after that. Worked as a Senior Technical Security Analyst for a period of 2 years 6 months before joining BMO. I love spending time with my family members and listening to music in my free time. I would like to contribute to society alongside enhancing my personality development skills. Believe through EmpowHer, I would get an opportunity to empower my abilities, to learn and grow. The features of this volunteership program captivated my interest to enroll in this program and I was more than happy to get pulled in into this one.

Varshikaa Krishnaraj

My name is Varshikaa Krishnaraj and I am volunteering for EmpowerHer because of the important message and many opportunities they offer. As a student I have always wanted to find a way to help my community even with my age, and EmpowerHer has been the perfect way for me to become involved. I have also always been very passionate about women's rights and allowing chances to reach us as well, so seeing the work EmpowerHer does is inspiring. My future plans are to become an environmental or criminal defense lawyer and EmpowerHer has connected me with important resources that will help with my goal.