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Alumnae 2020

Naomi Lara

My name is Naomi Lara, I am currently attending York University for Professional Writing while concurrently working towards a diploma at York-Seneca for Broadcast - Television. I have worked as a summer school teaching assistant in Peel region where I honed my leadership skills. I have also worked in a variety of restaurants all over Toronto, from fine dining to family-run establishments. Serving and bartending has taught me invaluable skills such as efficient communication, time-management, and the ability to work within high-pressure and fast-paced environments. I decided to join EmpowHer because I want to strengthen my resume and gain professional experience closely related to my field. EmpowHer stood out to me because it is a group of women working together and motivating personal and professional growth. My interests include classic literature, film, TV, and travelling. I look forward to when travelling becomes safe once again and I can take my next trip, hopefully to Japan.

Melissa Dsouza

Melissa is a versatile Communications Specialist, Brand Strategist and a Digital Enthusiast with over 7 years of experience across corporate and not-for-profit organizations. She is an exceptional communicator with great leadership and collaborative skills, and creative abilities to drive strategic projects. Her passion to create content paired with a keen eye for design have helped transform many brands. She loves to volunteer and has been a member of EmpowHer since August 2019.

Daljeet Kaur

My name is Daljeet Kaur. I recently completed PG certificate in intermediate accounting and looking forward to get a position of assistant accountant. Currently, I am working as office admin.

Adrienne O' Sullivan

Hi, my name is Adrienne. I was born and raised in the GTA, but for the past few years I have been living and working in rural Alberta as a youth mental health therapist! This was an amazing experience for me because I love travelling and being outdoors and I am also a passionate mental health advocate. I recently moved back to the GTA for school and I am currently completing my Master of Social Work degree at York University!

Kanisha Dabreo

Kanisha is an Artist, Educator, and Entrepreneur who grew up in Brampton. She studied French Studies & Visual Arts at York University and has over 7 years experience in customer service, teaching, tutoring, and mentoring. During her free time she enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures and ways of life. For her, community involvement is vital and a form of activism. Kanisha has contributed in diverse ways both locally and abroad, visiting over 30 countries to volunteer, teach, and meet new people. In 2019, she taught English to university and high school students across South East Asia. With passions found within the arts and education, Kanisha is currently working as a learning strategist and mentor at TMBUK2 Education, while building a Fine arts business that specializes in graphic design, illustration, paintings, and custom artwork.

Rupinder Kaur

Hi, my name is Rupinder Kaur. I am a Software Developer in C++ with over 6 years of experience. I am a new immigrant in Canada and exploring each and every way to get engaged in the community. I am always eager to help others from my experiences. I consider myself as an optimistic person and a quick learner. My strength is my perseverance attitude and the dedication that I show in my work. My motto is "Do with all your heart or do not do it at all".

Samantha Palloo

Samantha Palloo is a very determined and hardworking individual with a passion for helping others attain their goals and reach their full potential. Specialising in Biology with a focus on Environmental and Marine Biology, her experience includes teaching, motivating and career guidance to both teenagers and adults. Having also worked in a laboratory setting, she can readily adapt to any environment and be successful. Combined with a Master of Science degree in Health and Safety, she uses the knowledge gained from this to create a fun, health and safe learning environment for her students. Focusing on her passion for helping others and building relationships, she is currently pursuing courses in the Human Resource Management field as she works towards attaining her Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) Designation. An avid learner, she is dedicated to professional growth and continuous learning.

Jasmin Singh

Hi I'm Jasmin! I am a recent graduate from the Family and Community Social Services program at the University of Guelph-Humber. I decided to join EmpowHer to expand my skill sets and develop positive relationships within my community. One of my favourite workshop was on grant writing. With the help of this workshop I was inspired to start my own community project and received a grant to start it up. The workshops continuously challenge me to expand my skill sets and step of my comfort zones to try new things. EmpowHer is an amazing program composed of an even more amazing team.

Rathini Paransothinathan

My name is Rathini Paransothinathan and I am an immigrant, a woman of colour and suffer from crippling student debt. My whole life has been a battle between myself and my traditional upbringing that forces me to follow a single path forged by the generations behind me.

We all want to soar, to be free and for me that means opening my eyes, with a pen in my hand and letting the words fly around me because creativity is sewn into my soul. I am the master story-teller of my story and it only takes a moment to be inspired.

Without seam, immutable sempiternity.

Ayesha Rasool

Hi, my name is Ayesha and I am a part of the Uof T Class of 2020. I was born in a small city in Pakistan called Multan. I have 2 brothers, one older and one younger and yes - I'm the middle child. I moved to Canada in 2015. The past 5 years have been like a roller coaster ride; unpredictable but fun. From school to university, adapting to a new culture, meeting new people, and exploring new traditions and customs has been incredible. Canada welcomed me with open arms which is why I love to give back whenever and wherever I can.

Volunteering has been a key part of my life since high school. I enjoy meeting new people and learning from their experiences. I speak Urdu and English fluently. My hobbies include Netflixing, reading mystery novels, and cooking.

Tarman Sohi

Tarman Sohi is currently a high school senior in the Peel Region. She grew up as a timid kid, which limited her from accomplishing her goals, but through volunteering has found her confidence in her abilities. She discovered her love for volunteering through EmpowHER, which has led her to become an active member of her community. She has volunteered for Ontario Health Coalition, Create Change Foundation, HOPCP Charity and much more. She hopes to get into a biomedical program this year while continuing to pursue volunteer work in different sectors. Through this year, she has developed her professionalism, critical thinking and interpersonal skills, which she will carry into her future experiences. Tarman's LinkedIn is ( for more information about her professional experiences!

Amandeep Kaur

My name is Amandeep Kaur. I have done a Master's of Computer Application from India. I have 3 years of experience in Digital marketing and one year of experience in web designing. Currently, I am working as a QA analyst in a co-op position and a cashier in Dollarama. I want to improve my skills more which is why I love this volunteer position.

Archita Shiledar

Hello! My name is Archita and I'm from India. I am a high school senior. I have a passion for numbers and I want to pursue mechanical engineering. I have developed a recent interest in economics and world history. In my free time, I like to read and dance. I am an amateur photographer and a blogger as well! I love to help people and make others happy! I joined EmpowHER to help others and contribute to the community so that we can grow as a whole and develop a sense of togetherness by making connections and expanding our network. I also want to hone my peoples' skills and learn new things!

Ashley Beerdat

My name is Ashley Beerdat. I am an emerging artist of Guyanese descent who grew up in Brampton, Ontario. I graduated in 2019 from Western University completing an Honors Specialization in Criminology and Major in Visual Arts and Art History. I use painting as a creative outlet to narrate mythical and fantastical stories based on my childhood, dreams, and life experiences. These narratives do not follow a specific tale - rather, I treat each painting as an expedition and take bits of information from each in search of hidden meaning. My work toys with the line between imagination and reality. I recently completed a residency with Visual Arts Mississauga and currently have an online virtual exhibition called State of Being I am also a member of Empowher Peel to foster meaningful connections in the community through civic engagement and leadership.

Aima Shafiq

Aima Shafiq is a high school student who is interested in learning new things and helping the community. She was born in Dubai, U.A.E., and her family immigrated to Canada several years back. She is the youngest of four girls and the presence of female leaders within her family have inspired her to join organizations like EmpowHer. Shafiq has volunteered with Muslimfest, the Newcomer Centre of Peel, and the STEM Montessori Academy of Canada.

Sivar Rajab Khan

I am currently a paralegal student working towards my career in law, along side my passion for cooking, fitness and mental health awareness. I am an individual who loves to learn, grow and help others. One of my biggest goals in life is to advocate for the less fortunate, and create a positive space for discourse and action on much need topics in our communities.

Raksha Rehal

Raksha is a student who is moving onto her last year in high-school. She has a passion for art and tries to utilize her skills to benefit her community in whatever way she can, mainly by volunteering and partaking in community-held events. The EmpowHer program has been an opportunity for her to meet new people, network, learn, and grow by expanding her current skill set and developing new and important qualities. She hopes to be able to settle into a job in the computer science field, and is willing to work hard in order to ensure that her goals are within reach!

Maya Persram

Maya is a university student completing a degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology, and English. Growing up in the Caribbean meant growing up surrounded by nature, and that inspired her love of the environment and all the wondrous species, relationships and processes contained within it. She hopes to pursue graduate studies in environmental sciences, particularly in marine ecology, conservation, and restoration. In addition to her academics, Maya is passionate about women's rights as well as gender equity in STEM fields. She is also an advocate for LGBTQ+ issues, marginalized communities, and student success. In her spare time she is probably reading, writing, baking her next dessert, or tweeting about coral reefs.

Sneha Ranawande

I am a Newcomer Permanent Resident in Canada with more than 6 years of experience in tutoring, counseling and mentoring Undergraduate students in Engineering. I have completed my Masters in Mechanical Engineering and specialized in Heat Power. Listening and Understanding are my strengths and I believe in helping and caring. I enjoy interacting and communicating with people and teaching is my passion.

Gursmiar Ranu

My name is Gursimar Ranu, I am in the 10th grade and I attend Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School. I've been part of several sports teams as well as organizational committees and the school government. I've also joined a summer sports team for a few years and plan to coach my own team next year. I have been part of my school's Bucket Drum Band as well as the Steel Pan Band, which is where some of my fondest memories were made. I hope to have a career in the Law as a Litigator or a Prosecution Lawyer.

Anahita Azadian

Hi! My name is Anahita! I love learning and have a biomedical science, psychology, and health policy background. I'm deeply committed to maintaining my mental health and overall wellbeing. For me, this is possible through a mindful movement practice of yoga, pilates, and dance. Community involvement is important to me, and I've volunteered with young people in a variety of community environments, such as the Toronto Library. With EmpowHer, I've been part of the French Café and PSLC Homework Help. Currently, I'm working on a Wellness 101 workshop series to provide evidence-based information surrounding mental health and wellness to teenagers. My hope is to help combat stigma surrounding psychiatry and mental health. Anahita is honoured to be a part of EmpowHer and grateful for everything they are doing!

Maria Talat

I am an experienced & enthusiastic marketing professional with a passion for writing & exploring - be it the world or myself. With diverse experience & exposure in the domain of traditional & digital marketing, client management, customer service & professional content development, coupled with a demonstrated history of working in Pakistan's largest organizations in the Information Technology & Banking sector, I am an avid traveler having visited 25 countries & a voracious reader, with a passion for continuous education and development.

Danica Sabado

Hi, my name is Danica Sabado. I am from Brampton, Ontario. I am currently going into my final year of high school (2020-2021). Post-secondary I would like to pursue a career in the business field or within the social sciences. I am hardworking, ambitious and goal oriented. My goal in life is to always be the best version of myself and change the world, one step at a time.

Simran Patel

Being part of Empower Her has given me the opportunity to network with women within the Peel region. I"ve been able to build connections and engage in projects that I'm truly passionate about. Projects that make an impact at the local level. I've also been able to participate in workshops such as Grant writing and financial literacy that have allowed me to expand my skills. Empower Her is a community of passionate women and I'm glad I'm able to be part of it.

Alishba Mahmood

Artist, Poet, and aspiring Author, Alishba expresses her passion in writing through soft and vulnerable poems of personal experiences, feminism, world issues, and mental health. She actively takes part in promoting these concepts through programs and events like Youth Lead, Empowher Peel, community open mics, school-hosted shows and Alishba's Art Showcase for Teens 2020. Moreover, she has published countless compelling and motivational poems in Canadian Anthology books and websites; Island Tides by the Poetry Institute of Canada and Perspectives by Polar Expressions are two of her earliest successes, starting at age 10. Alishba is currently dedicating her time to write a poetry book, set to be released in her Postsecondary years. Through her art, she aspires to create a world full of hope, compassion, and love. Her long devoted passion in writing unravels itself on her Instagram page @parispoetryy. Readers often find themselves making a home out of her heart!

Under the circumstances of Covid-19, I felt it was important that I take initiative in my community and execute a project that I as well, a youth artist, would appreciate and benefit from.

The Art Showcase for Youth Artists is a virtual event based for youth artists between the ages of 13-18 showcasing their artwork whether it be writing, illustrating or photography. The event also features special guest speakers relative to the art industry whom share their journey with art to the audience. This project was a collaboration with the members of Youth LEaD, a program run under a non-profit organization called, TCET (The Centre for Education and Training).

Sahejpreet Dhillon

Sahejpreet Dhillon is a high school student who is about to start the 11th grade. She was born and raised in Canada, and has a passion for helping people and volunteering in her community. She has been volunteering since the age of 13 and has amassed over 300 hours, volunteering with many different organizations such as Youth Lead, Empowerher, Carabram, and PLASP. In the future, she would like to work to help people with their mental health in the field of psychology.

Kimberly Richards

My name is Kimberly Richards. In the past, I have taught both high school economics and grade 6 at two different private schools in the GTA. Through teaching and my own health struggles, I have developed a passion for supporting the mental well-being of youth. I am currently volunteering as a Crisis Responder with Kids Help Phone, where I risk assess texters and help them develop coping strategies. In order to continue to professionally support youth, my next goal is to go back to school to study social work. I am a strong advocate for anti-racism and take a social justice perspective when making decisions. I love being outdoors but always have time for a good Netflix binge.

Soha Elseidy

Soha is a new immigrant to Canada with her husband and son. She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry from Egypt. She has passion for volunteering and helping others. She has volunteered in the social media committee of EmpowHer by designing posters. She is interested in volunteering in public and oral health. She has more than 3 years experience in dental health and customer service.

Joycy Kovila

My name is Joycy Kovila. Am a recent immigrant with a lot of dreams and looking forward to pursuing my career as a financial advisor. I started my career as a Customer Service Representative in a financial institution in India and I love interacting with people. Am also a business management graduate, specializing in Marketing and HR. Am a kind of a person who believes going with the flow and faces the challenges as life throws in. Apart from my career ambition, I love experimenting with my cooking skills and I do believe good food gives a good mood. Binge-watching is my favourite and must-to-do activity on my weekends.

Aanchal Bajaj

Aanchal is a recent graduate from the Dual JD program at the University of Windsor and the University of Detroit Mercy where she received both a Canadian and US law degree. In her free time she enjoys reading, cycling and watching legal documentaries. She is passionate about giving back to the community. During Law School, she was involved with the Veterans Clinic, which is a pro bono clinic for War Veterans all three years of law school.

Kadia Dabreo

Hello, I am a student pursuing an honours degree in Psychology at York University. I love learning new things, gaining new experiences and consider each one a way to develop as a person whether good or bad.

Currently, I am a learning strategist at TMBUK2 Education, a place directed at teaching children. Also, I am an up-and-coming author with an incredibly creative mind, as well as a social media influencer. I have joined EmpowHer because it is an amazing place to gain new/interesting skills. Most importantly, it is the only place I know that allows you to develop and build upon your personal growth in such a group oriented, and encouraging manner. I hope to learn many things from this organisation. Joining it is something I consider a privilege to be apart of.

Jessica Bajaj

Hi my name is Jessica and I am a high school senior who is absolutely fascinated by people, numbers and how every variable intertwines with each other. You'll often find me questioning everything and trying to find solutions to complicated social issues in my community. I'm extremely passionate about volunteerism and giving back to the community. I am currently working with my friends to start a local non-profit that centres around helping women and youth who live in shelters. In the future I would love to study business or urban development!

Anandha Priya Shivarajan

I am currently an Accounting and Payroll student and looking to pursue a career in the same. I am happy to have been initiated into volunteering through EmpowHER program. As a new Canadian, I hope to be able to contribute in my capacity to the country that has welcomed me.

Johannah Brockie

Johannah is a graduate of the Guelph Institute for Development Studies. Through her undergraduate experience, she found a passion for community programming and community engagement. This led her to working in the non-profit sector in various capacities such as coordinating summer camp programs and supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities. This summer, Johannah is merging her passion for travel and non-profit work by connecting with, and supporting, marginalized communities across the nation through the Katimavik National Experience program. You can learn more about Johannah and her work here.

Navpreet Kaur

As a recent immigrant and an Internationally Trained Dentist, I am presently pursuing a re-certification in Canada. I look forward to completing the dentistry program in the future, so that I can be a contributing member of my new home. During the pandemic and a mentally challenging time for a newcomer, I came across the "EmpowHer Program" which provides a reliable platform for women of a certain age group. The activities and projects I participated in helped me a lot to boost my confidence. By attending various workshops, I feel acquainted with Canadian Political System and learned to create an impressive resume and website. Above all, I met many enthusiastic individuals excelling in different fields.

Megan Singh

Third year business student at Western University. I decided to join EmpowHer to develop leadership skills that can help me create change in the workplace to form a more diverse and inclusive culture. The workshops at EmpowHer included both technical and professional development, which helped me a lot as a business student. I especially loved the session on Social Media Marketing because these skills can be applied to my personal projects as well! My favourite part of the workshops was hearing from other female leaders in my community. This inspired me to challenge myself and take risks to create change. I loved being apart of such a supportive team, where the leaders always encouraged us to step outside of our comfort zones!

Preeti Rai

Preeti graduated in Business and Entrepreneurship in the UK. She currently works as an Administrative Assistant for a Property Management firm and volunteers as a Content Manager/Mentor for EmpowHer. She has successfully managed youth, coordinated a range of events and managed social media platforms for EmpowHer. She throughly enjoys connecting with new people and learning new skills to enhance her skill set.

Fiza Butt

My name is Fiza and I am in grade 11 and currently in the IB program. I've always been a well rounded academic kid and wanted to help around my community. I enjoy volunteering, helping out and collaborating with others with similar goals . It helps me gain experience as well as memories to further mention. Some of my interests include: science, visual arts, web design, graphic design and video making/ editing.

Sidrah Jamil

Sidrah is a passionate student pursuing her degree at York University for Psychology (Bsc). She is a well rounded and ambitious individual that hopes she can contribute to a change to our ever-growing society. She decided to join EmpowerHer to further her growth as a professional individual and to learn many skill sets that would be considered an asset. She enjoys the workshops and finds it enjoyable to be surrounded by such like-minded people.

Alfreda Addy

Hi! My name is Alfreda Addy, and I am an ambitious student and entrepreneur, currently pursuing my Honours Bachelor of Science in Physiology with a French Minor at the University of Toronto. While completing my undergrad, I am simultaneously working on starting my own business based on one of my favorite hobbies and talents, as well as improving and learning my digital marketing and graphic design skills. Having joined EmpowHer to learn new skills and expand my knowledge to increase my employability, I have gained more than I originally bargained for! My experience coming into EmpowHer was limited to the work I had put into my business. Finishing the EmpowHer program, I have realized my interest and talent in graphic design, and I have now worked on several projects including SpeakEasy,and the Truth Project. I also got the opportunity to gain leadership and project management experience through planning, organizing, and running an online French Cafe for youth ages 9 to 12.

Candace Amo

Candace is a Health Information Consultant who has experience working on Clinical Informatics projects with an interdisciplinary team of Physicians, Nurses and allied health professionals. She enjoys learning about the integration and development of the use of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems with clinical workflows. Alongside with her consulting career, she enjoys helping businesses with their social media marketing strategies in order to engage with people all around the world and establish a strong brand identity.

Sara Sohail

My name is Sara Sohail. I am a high school student who loves meeting new people and gain knowledge in fields that interest me the most like web designing, marketing and computer coding.

Ridhaa Kaleemuddin

Hi. My name is Ridhaa. I am in my final year of Bachelors at University of Toronto - Double major in Sociology & Psychology. I've been in Canada for the past 9 years. I love reading (fiction), participating in sports (when I can), and try my best to enjoy everything I do. I became a part of the EmpowHer program recently and it has been great so far. I've especially enjoyed working with the team for organizing "HERA" (Women's Day event). It was my first volunteer event and watching it turn out to be a beautiful success was really satisfying. I look forward to continue on with EmpowHer and be a part of their new projects.

Arpan Thind

My name is Arpan and I am a grade eleven student. I am a high school student who is interested in learning new things and helping others, locally and globally. I am my best self when immersed in an environment that encourages growth, involvement, and curiosity. I am the chief executive and co-founder of the Marcellinus Social Justice League, a social justice club at my school dedicated to helping others locally and globally. My passions range from graphic design to badminton to volunteering to learn about the law.

Laura Liliana Palacios Lopez

Hi! My name is Laura, I am a Hearing and Speech therapist, I have worked for 3 years in this field in backhome (Colombia). I came here almost 3 years ago, I worked in Gap for almost 2 years and right now I'm taking English classes at LINC (remote). Also, I am discovering a new interest in my life, one of them is working with people not only in the language but also in all aspects, so my new goal if God helps me, It will be to be a social worker in Canada. I can help people who need to learn Spanish, also I can help and cooperate with others to create, organise, use computers, make events, bring help in different aspects.

Aliza Shoaib

Hi! My name is Aliza and I am a grade 11 student in the Peel Region. My interests include reading, journalism, and being involved in my community. I am Co-Vice President of my school's Chapter and I constantly aim to benefit youth that is struggling with their mental health. In the future, I plan on becoming a lawyer because I feel that even though the law field is flawed, there is a lot of potential to help individuals in need immensely.

Samridhi Singh

My name is Samridhi and I'm a high school student who is 16 years old. I am ambitious and driven. I thrive on challenges and constantly set goals for myself so I have something to strive towards. I'm not comfortable with settling and I'm always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve my goals. I haven't really had much experience in volunteering but I have recently joined the Empowher organization and youth LEAD to improve myself as an individual and further my growth. Some interests that I have are science, video editing/making, and graphic design.

Yunqian (Linda) Li

Yunqian is a passionate student pursuing her diploma at Sheridan college for Business (General). She is a well rounded and ambitious individual that hopes she can contribute to a change to our ever-growing society. She decided to join EmpowerHer to further her growth as a professional individual and to learn many skill sets that would be considered an asset. She enjoys the workshops and finds it enjoyable to be surrounded by such like-minded people.

Manmeet Multani

Maani is pursuing an honours degree in Political Science at the University of Ottawa. She is the founder of the non-profit Youth Legal Association. Maani decided to join EmpowHER to further develop her skills through workshops and opportunities.

Cerika Mills

Hello, I'm Cerika! I am a Humber College Public Relations graduate. I decided to join EmpowHer so I can learn more and put my already learned skills to good use. I am always inspired and motivated around a good community of people so this has been amazing.

Swathi Muchapathi

My name is Swathi Muchapathi. Currently I am pursuing CompTia a + course with Npower. I have overall 5 years of diverse experience in Finance, Accounts receivables and customer service. I am very passionate about learning new things. Cooking and making new friends is my hobby. I enjoy watching movies.

Parisa Naeem

Hey, I am Parisa Naeem. I am in my third year studying Kinesiology from York University. I was born in Pakistan and moved to Dubai, U.A.E when I was very young. After spending several years of my childhood there my family immigrated to Toronto, Canada. Due to my fascination with different cultures, I decided to go to a French immersion program. Since then I have been involved with many different organizations. I love volunteering and giving back to my community. I also received a grant to start my part-time business at the age of 15.

Jeevanjot Kaur

Jeevan is currently pursuing an undergrad in Psychology at York University. She loves graphic designing, photography and bullet journalling. She also has a passion for volunteering and has helped host several events in Brampton such as Youth LEaD debate, LIT Entrepreneur Talk, and EmpowHER's Hera event. Jeevan's enthusiasm for event-planning and innovation has helped her get involved in many initiatives around Brampton and hopes to inspire the same passion she has for community engagement with all youth in the city.

Poojan Brahmbhatt

Hello! My name is Poojan Brahmbhatt and I am entering my fifth year in the Bachelor of Medical Sciences at Western University. I am looking to pursue a career in the healthcare field, specifically in a research related masters or medical school. I have a plethora of unique volunteer experiences that can be transferable to the healthcare field. Apart from this goal, I also enjoy mentorship and working in a team setting and being able to implement community projects which I was able to do through empowher. I am hoping to be in a role where I can tie mentorship and health care together, as both are crucial aspects of the person I am and where I see myself being in the next 10 years.

Simran Jawanda

Simran Jawanda is currently entering into her final year at The University of Western Ontario, and is pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Medical Sciences, Honors Specialization in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences. Simran is interested in aiding the community through volunteering, and advocating for needed reform in various sectors. She is passionate about the intersections of biomedical research, healthcare, and public health. In the future, Simran hopes to use the skills obtained through the EmpowHer program in order to act as a leader in the community, build equitable workplaces, and to act as a mentor to younger peers and community members.

Jasmeen Ranu

Jasmeen Ranu is completing her degree, an Honours Bachelor of Medical Sciences, at the University of Western Ontario. She is currently in her last year of her degree. Jasmeen is hoping to pursue a career in the healthcare field in the future. She is passionate about community service, and as such, she volunteers in her community in various capacities. She is passionate about advocating for gender equity and hopes to actively include that in her future career as well. Jasmeen fills her spare time with reading, photography, and volunteering!

Sharan Khela

Sharan Khela is currently completing her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice & Public Policy with a Minor in Philosophy at the University of Guelph. She hopes to pursue a Master's of Public Policy so she can work in the public service or non-profit sector. She is interested in the way policy affects vulnerable groups, especially women, so she wants to actively work towards advocating for progressive change. Along with taking part in the EmpowHer Peel program, she is also a Program & Research Assistant Intern with another local non-profit named Laadliyan. When she is not working or studying, she loves to go on adventures and discover new local food joints!

Anjali Chauhan

Anjali Chauhan is a Foreign-trained Lawyer and a Corporate Governance Professional from the Chartered Governance Institute of Canada. She immigrated to Canada last year.

She is presently taking the NCA Exams to obtain a certificate of qualification from Federation of Law Societies of Canada. She worked as a Compliance Administrator for a Mortgage Investment Company for a year in Mississauga and managed the regulatory, financial and administrative compliance of the corporation. She also worked part time as an Operational Support Representative with a company at Toronto Pearson Airport mainly involving customer service.

In India, she worked as a Federal Government employee at the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and also worked as a Company Secretary at a law office before that. She has several years of experience in corporate law and compliance, wearing different hats throughout her career. She chose to be a part of EmpowHer as it challenges her to be the best version of herself and contribute to the community.

Roseleen Ladi

Roseleen is a 17-year-old high school student who is going into her final year of high school. During her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, hanging out with my family and friends, and attempting new activities such as cooking and working out. She is very passionate about debating and aspires to study and practice in the field of law one day! She is an advocate for equality who enjoys challenging herself and others to consistently break down norms and to strive together for a better tomorrow. She is also passionate about making valuable changes within her community and enjoys giving back in any way she can! Roseleen decided to join EMPOWERHER to gain valuable transferable skill sets from the informative workshops and resources offered here while also engaging within valuable community projects to help and empower those around her.

Jasnoor Nagra

Hey there! My name is Jasnoor, a high school student who wants to learn new ways to contribute to my community. Being in the Peel region has made me interested in joining different programs and clubs to invest my time in learning about the complexity of the society we live in. I have joined EmpowHer to expand my knowledge on the issues in our community and to use this opportunity towards my goal of teaching and helping others while learning more about myself during the journey. I enjoy spending my time researching a wide array of topics, in the result to understand the reasoning behind an individual's decision. I like to paint and read as hobbies too.


My name is Mehak. Some of my interests are reading novels, swimming and hanging out with my friends and family. I have some experience in graphic design as I am currently working with OFOC {Our future of change} in their design team to create their social media posts and as well as with their website.

Iman Nasir

Hi everyone! My name is Iman Nasir and I'm going to be going into the 11th grade this september. I'm super excited for this year and can't wait to see the opportunities that it brings! My strongest subjects are math, english, science, and computer science and I enjoy learning them a lot as well. I love getting involved in different clubs at my school and plan on doing the same this year as well! In the future I want to go into the medical field because that's always been something that I've been passionate about. I would love to help people and bring a smile to their face. I would also love to volunteer at a hospital or clinic some time in the future so that I can gain more experience and do something that I love. As of now, my hobbies include reading, writing poetry, baking, swimming, and spending time with my sister. I also love learning new things which is one of the reasons that I love school so much! In the next few years I want to do as much as I can to make a positive difference in the community, and give back in any way that I can.

Venika Toor

Hi, I'm Venika! I am starting my first year at the University of Ottawa in the fall. I will be in the health science program hoping to work in the healthcare field.