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Testimonials 2022

I don’t think it's possible, to sum up, my experience here at EmpowHer in one word. But if I had to, the word I’d choose is life-changing. It seems so dramatic but honestly, there’s no other word that could encapsulate the gratitude and appreciation I feel towards this organization and the brilliant women that are the root of all its success. Not only have I learned things beyond my school experience, but also made connections that I know will continue to help me throughout my life. EmpowHER has made me more confident, a better problem solver, and honed my leadership skills. It has given me multiple opportunities to branch out and try things I would’ve never done elsewhere. It has taught me the importance of volunteering and how it's actually such an understated experience. Volunteering at EmpowHER has changed me for the better and I can’t imagine my life without it.

- Hibah Jelani

While volunteering at Empowher it not only opened up many opportunities and helped build new skills, but most importantly taught me the importance of volunteering. I first joined Empowher in search of an opportunity that would help strengthen my transferable skills, meet new people and gain experience and Empowher did not fail to satisfy those needs. Through the various workshops Empowher organizes such as Financial literacy, or digital analytics it really helped me learn more about these topics. I really appreciate that Empowher organizes workshops that cover topics that have meaning, that relate to the real world and are not typical concepts that I have learned in school, or as in depth. I also enjoy the various events Empowher organizes, not only getting the opportunity to attend them but to be a part of the organizing aspect, further proving the point that being a part of Empowher has helped me strengthen my skills and build new skills. Overall, being a part of Empowher thus far has been amazing and I wish that I could have come across it much sooner.

- Sanjana Patel

Hey everyone, my name is Palvi and I’m a 2022 member of the EmpowHer team! Firstly, I would like to start off by thanking all of the womxn involved in this amazing organization and all of the hard work they do every single day. EmpowHer has not only helped me grow professionally but also personally as I’m more confident when I talk to new people and I find it easier to connect with others. Empowher has significantly improved my communication and marketing skills through the various workshops and events we had. I know that all of the transferable skills I've learned through the program will be really useful in my future career. My favourite workshop was the Digital analytics course which taught me a lot of valuable marketing skills needed for social media and website creation. My favourite event was the Civic Action Town Hall because I was able to work with other team members and prepare for a community event. I was one of the co-hosts for the event and I felt really accomplished after speaking to local MP’s and getting the opportunity to connect with them. The support and welcoming vibe you get from this movement is truly really inspiring and helpful for young girls like me to grow and continue to face challenges of the world. Finally, once again I would like to thank EmpowHer for the amazing opportunity to be able to work with such amazing womxn and I would highly encourage everyone to join EmpowHer because it will definitely make a positive change in your lives! Thank you!

- Palvi Chahal

Hi, my name is Krishantini Jagadees Malathi and I’ve been part of EmpowHer for approximately 6 months. And, believe me when I say that this is more than enough time to realize the value of EmpowHer as it opens doors to incredible opportunities. With its informative workshops, networking opportunities and event planning, it has empowered me to be successful, not only by allowing me to explore my talents and interests but also by developing the required confidence, perseverance and sense of responsibility that is so vitally needed in today’s world. By adapting a wholesome and inclusive approach, EmpowHer helps me to develop the necessary skills for the contemporary market and to be an observant and active member of society. This is because EmpowHer encourages me to be conscious of the issues in our society rather than usual ignorance as it allows open conversations with politicians to occur. All in all, being a member at EmpowHer is truly a pleasure and is what one would call a golden opportunity. I’ve truly grown from this experience and I am sure that it will allow me to learn so much more!

- Krishantini Jagadees Malathi

Empowher has been one of the most beneficial extracurricular activities I have done throughout high school! This program has helped boost my confidence, build up my time management skills and, most importantly, taught me what it means to give back to your community! I have loved working with the rest of the EmpowHer girls on projects and creating events for our community. The results of our efforts have been incredibly satisfying and fulfilling! The team bonding within EmpowHer is rare within most clubs nowadays. I am grateful that I am a part of EmpowHer, where I am respected, listened to, given importance and treated like family! Not to mention, I have learned a plethora of soft and hard skills that I will be using throughout my life! I am eager for what is to come and look forward to working with the incredible EmpowHer team!

- Agamjot Kaur

I am Samanta Sohail and I am currently in grade 11. A person can only learn how to grow and groom themselves by stepping out of their comfort zones and grabbing onto opportunities that come their way and this is when EmpowHer became that one opportunity for me to improve my transferable skills by challenging myself to do different and unique things that I never imagined I could do. Ever since, I joined EmpowHer in January 2022. I got a chance to try various tasks like participating in the “We Women” event in which I got a chance to make a 10 minute video along with one more member and the video was composed of famous women leaders along with showcasing the amazing volunteers who earned more than 500 hours volunteering at EmpowHer. The video turned out great and everybody loved it and my hard work paid off which made me proud and made me realize how much trying out different opportunities gives a person to improve themselves and learn at the same time. Furthermore, I also did tasks in the “Civic Action Spring” town hall event which made me grow further as a citizen and not just as a volunteer. For this event, I made well-prepared questions for the candidates which were later on asked from them to make youth understand who and why they should vote for in the upcoming provincial elections. The questions I made were actually constructed based on each party’s stance and initiatives which made it quite harder but I managed to research thoughtfully and came up with good questions that my mentor liked and it made my perspective grow on how a person should be alerted with their future like taking part in town hall events. EmpowHer has always been a milestone towards me not just improving myself but also getting to know myself better.

- Samanta Sohail

In such little time, I have learned so much from Empowher, I have grown and developed an array of skills through the many workshops I've attended. I learned the basics of starting a business, digital designing with Canva, how to invest with the bank, and much more. I've also met some hard-working and determined people who have inspired me. I've gotten more confident in what I have to offer and I'm always looking to continue learning.

- Parvini Coonjoobeeharry

Initially, I had joined Empower to simply gain some volunteer hours, but soon enough I realized it is much more than that. EmpowHer is an organization that strives to make a change in the community and give women the opportunity to grow and learn. EmpowHer has given me multiple opportunities to get involved in my community, and volunteer. It taught me to step out of my comfort zone, and give me the chance to be a leader. Not only that but, it tremendously aided me in growing both my interpersonal skills and interpersonal skills. I have grown as an individual and will continue to in EmpowHer. I will continue to learn many beneficial skills that will stick with me, and prepare me for my career path and future education.

- Muskaan Dhaliwal

Through Empowher I was able to learn so much about myself. I was able to learn more about digital marketing and the amount of work that goes behind huge events.I was able to test my limits and pursue my interests. I was able to interact with peers that wanted to support each other's growth. The environment within Empowher is uplifting and supportive!

- Allisha Saini

I initially joined empowher looking to gain some volunteer hours but it turned out to give me far more than that. Empowher offers a multitude of opportunities, they provide workshops on important subjects that everybody should know, leadership opportunities, you can make connections, etc. My time at empowher so far has helped me build several skill sets, for example, communication and teamwork. In addition to all this, empowher also contributes and gives back to the community. I was lucky enough to be a part of their most recent event, “Civic Action Spring”, educating the general public about important matters like voting is something that I personally am passionate about. All in all, empowher has done some great things for me and I would recommend anybody who is thinking of joining to take the leap and be a part of this amazing group!

- Aneela Chaudhry

Hello, my name is Manmeet. I joined EmpowHer because it is a very exciting organization to be a part of . In addition, the women in this group are fun to be around and they are always there for eachother. I have gained many new skills from various workshops I have attended like Digital Training, Financial Literacy, and Government. The workshops are amazing because they are very informative and I can apply the new skills that I have learned into my life. Also, this is very beneficial because I get to be more involved in the community and meet new people.

- Manmeet Dayal

Thus far, my experience with EmpowHER has been unexpected but in the best way possible. At times, it can be hard to find opportunities that will assist me in further developing my skill set, however that’s not the case with EmpowHER. Being in this program now, it definitely took me by surprise to see how dedicated everyone is to this organisation and its initiatives, and how caring and supportive everyone is of each other. I joined early 2022 and there have been many opportunities to further my knowledge and abilities, such as with content creation, a skill I’ve always wanted more experience with. I’ve learned so much already through our RBC financial workshops, Digital Analytics, etc, and I can’t wait for more! This program exposes you to a wide range of topics to learn from and it’s such a great place for young girls to grow and both add to and apply their various talents.

- Sankavi Piratheepan

During my time at EmpowHer I have learned several important transferable skills such as responsibility, collaboration and initiative. Not only does EmpowHer teach me such valuable skills, but they teach the skills in a way where you learn more about modern day careers and knowledge-based skills. For example, the recent civic action town hall gave me a chance to take on more responsibilities and initiative roles while learning about the provincial political environment. This is so crucial in the workforce because a wide range of skills and knowledge makes you more reliable to several or harder jobs. I believe that this is EmpowHer's main intention, to give womxn the opportunity to expand their knowledge and abilities because of the limited opportunities given to womxn in the first place.

- Kira Hamilton

I joined Empowher back in March because I heard of all the amazing events they were planning, and all the new skills they were teaching, which were not being taught to young women like me. And since I have joined I have learnt so many different skills which I wasn’t expecting to learn, skills which no one has taught me, things which my teachers, nor any other program I’ve been a part of has taught me. In the last couple months I have learnt about sustainability, banking with RBC, how elections work, as well as Town Halls, graphic designing, and much more. All skills which were all brand new and exciting to learn. Skills which I can apply to my daily life, and I am so thankful to be able to be apart of such an amazing group.

- Mahum Qureshi

There are countless reasons why I believe that EmpowHer is so beneficial to me. I joined March of 2022, and felt like I belonged the moment we had an introductory meeting. All the mentors and members were so welcoming, it was so comfortable. I wanted to find a way to get my volunteer hours but EmpowHer is so much more than that. All the workshops so far have been very beneficial and educational. This program has been helping me with my consciousness of inputting my opinions into discussions. With the different meetings that EmpowHer has organized, I was able to communicate with so many other girls and that helped me learn how to be more outspoken with my ideas and opinions. I am thankful beyond belief that I was able to discover EmpowHer because, even through such little time, it has already taught me so much. As a youth in our community, EmpowHer has also educated me with some of the issues in our society. With the members being involved in conversations, the diverse perspectives have taught me so much as well! The events and workshops EmpowHer offered have strengthened my communication skills, listening skills, collaborative skills, and more. I can’t wait to continue this journey with EmpowHer and see where it takes me!

- Muskaan Sahi

I Joined EmpowHER recently because I wanted to find a way to build new skills and expand my network. It has been a great experience with all the fun and free workshops and events they organise. I love how all the members are friendly and encourage you to contribute. They have a positive energy that makes me feel included and confident to speak my thoughts. The free workshop helps me build new skills and be aware of small things I have noticed before. EmpowHer is an excellent program that has opened many new doors and opportunities for me, so I am glad to be part of EMpowHer and look forward to learning and working more with the team.

- Heaven Getahun

Hello, my name is Lovina Chadha and I’ve been a part of Empowher for about 3 months now, still utterly enjoying the process. I joined Empowher because I was able to observe the unity and aspiration it presents through attending the We Women event in March. Empowher brings out the betterment of young girls by providing a variety of opportunities through workshops, events and references. This program displays unlimited possibilities in relation to your input and desire as a member. In my case, I enjoy graphic design and marketing which is why I especially liked Nabeeha Ahmed’s Canva and Instagram tutorial workshops earlier this month. Throughout my time as a member so far, I’ve learned several key attributes of banking, real estate, business, marketing, planning, politics and more. Moreover, the Empowher community is welcoming, supportive and understanding which interested me more than anything. As a collective, the Empowher mentors and general members have inspired me to showcase my capabilities, as well as learn from others, adding value to my life.

- Lovina Chadha

EmpowHer has been an incredibly rewarding experience since the very first orientation I attended. Not only do I look forward to every single workshop/event, but I know that I’ll learn something new every time. All the workshops that I’ve gotten the opportunity to attend have taught me to become a more well-rounded, responsible individual and they help me ensure I’ll be successful in all of my post-secondary endeavors. EmpowHer has also given me other opportunities outside of the program itself and has shaped me significantly in just a few months. This program has also taught me to communicate with others effectively, and improved my professionalism in every way. These past few months I have been given every opportunity to improve different skills, take risks, grow from my mistakes and become the most confident version of myself. Thanks to EmpowHer I know my assets and where I need to improve to be a strong, and active member of my community. I am beyond grateful to be a part of a program as unique and powerful as EmpowHer!

- Japnaam Kamboj