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Testimonials 2020

I am currently volunteering with EMPOWHER program and it is an amazing platform to learn new things,gain skills,gain confidence and much more. I’m thankful for the supportive community that EMPOWHER has provided. Everyone is so helpful and kind!

- Samridhi Singh

EmpowHer has been such a blessing during the pandemic! This organization has provided a platform to connect with a diverse group of women and participate in various community projects. I'm grateful to be a part of this community.

- Venika Toor

In the time that I've been a part of EmpowHer, I've gotten the chance to attend a variety of workshops where I was able to meet a number of different people as well as ask them questions about what they did. From these experiences, I’ve been able to learn so many things that I was not aware of before, like the importance of networking. EmpowHer also gave me the opportunity to talk to a panel of lawyers and ask them questions about pursuing a path in Law. This was so helpful to me as an aspiring lawyer and I know that I would not have had that chance without EmpowHer.

- Gursimar Ranu

I decided to join the EmpowHer program because I wanted to develop my leadership and collaborative skills. My favourite workshop was the grant writing workshop because it helped me start a community project. My favourite part of all the workshops is that you get to hear from a diverse group of leaders from the community, which inspires you to create change and be confident. The EmpowHer program has a supportive team and encourages us to be confident and make change.

- Venika Toor

I joined Empower Her hoping to expand my network, gain new skills and find more opportunities to get involved in my community. I was nervous at first because I’d never been part of a program like this. I came across it while completing a summer job and my supervisor forwarded the application. From the get go I was welcomed by the team, they assured me that they’d be there to support me throughout this program and stood by that. During my interview I was asked about the skills I had and what I was hoping to gain. Their goal was to ensure I was provided with opportunities that would not only challenge me but also allow me to practice skills that I already had.

I took part in multiple workshops such as LinkedIn, financial literacy and grant writing all of which have helped me in multiple ways. I’ve been able to refine my online presence, learn more about how to become more responsible with my income. I’ve also had the opportunity to network with people from government and learn more about how it works. Empower her isn’t just a program that promises you things and tries its best. It’s a program that ensures that you walk away with new skills and more things to add to your resume as you move forward and make your path within the career of your choice. I’m grateful that I am able to be part of this program and have had the opportunity to make the connections that I did.

- Simran Patel

I joined EmpowHer because I wanted to be a part of a team where I would be able to meet new people and do something to give back to the community. So far, I’ve really enjoyed the workshops we’ve had and I’ve learned a lot from them as well! I’ve been given multiple opportunities to express my ideas, be a part of group projects, and to meet some very nice people. I can’t wait to see what else this program will bring and I would recommend it to anyone who’s considering joining!!

- Iman Nasir

I joined Empowher because I wanted to enhance my communication skills and boost my confidence. During this program, I learned how to engage in conversion with people of all ages and ask questions. One of my favorite workshops was Web Designing. I really enjoyed building the website using Wix. It allowed me to experiment with different features and be creative with my design. I do enjoy workshops that involve a speaker talking about his or her field however sometimes the meeting takes a bit too long which makes me lose interest. I am glad to have very supportive leads that are always ready to help you or answer your questions. There were times where some workshops were challenging which was coding. Even though coding is an interest of mine, I did find it a little bit difficult since I had to make sure I was working on a correct file. Overall, I love being part of this program.

- Sarah Sohail

I joined EmpowHer on my return to the Greater Toronto Area with no connections in the city. Through my involvement with EmpowHer, I was able to grow and get out of my comfort zone networking with legal professionals and was connected to my current mentor Rachel Sachs through EmpowHer. It allowed me to create a network in my community and have access to mentorship which would not be possible without the help of EmpowHer and specifically Therese and Samantha who guided me and help me develop my self-confidence and strength as a leader. I was able to not only become comfortable speaking with large groups of people but it also helped me find my current job. EmpowHer really taught me the importance of becoming involved in my community and how vital it is. I was able to mentor members of EmpowHer and guide them regarding the law school application process as well as share my experiences with them. I feel very privileged to be part of this program and I am proud to be a member.

- Aanchal Bajaj

EmpowHer helped me to learn different things and I really appreciate all the help, time and effort that I received from Samantha, Aima and all the team, definitely it is a great place to volunteer and to keep in contact, I made some friends with different cultures. Also, Empowher helped me to build my confidence, they were super friendly and professional with me through all of my experiences. I cannot say all the possitive impact that I have from them, I got so many opportunities and I really grateful for that!

- Laura Liliana Palacios Lopez

EmpowHer teaches skills free of cost to young ladies. I have extraordinary involvement in EmpowHer. Therese, Samantha, and other staff are consistently prepared to support young ladies. I am improving my skills to get accomplishment in my field. Thanks so much, EmpowHer.

- Amandeep Kaur

EmpowHER has introduced me to people from various career fields, interact with them, and learn a ton of amazing things. As a newcomer to Canada, the workshops have helped me hone my people skills, communication skills, given me an insight into the Canadian civic structure, and a chance to build connections from a vast network of people. EmpowHER introduced me to Dr. LJ Samuel, a criminologist, and has given me the opportunity to work with really talented people for her non-profit, Cupid’s Sting. Sharing ideas, gaining new information, meeting new people, and sharpening my skills are helping me build my confidence, grow, and thrive! I look forward to completing my program at EmpowHER.

- Archita Shiledar

As a recent university graduate, I was looking for leadership opportunities to help challenge me and build my resumé. EmpowHer allowed me to connect with and learn from my local Councillors and Members of Parliament, as well as other individuals with experiences in positions I may want to be in one day. EmpowHer gave me ample opportunities for leadership, and made me feel supported as well as empowered to lead projects based on my own ideas. The program made me feel more confident about my skill set and employability, especially in terms of grant writing and project management.

- Johannah Brockie

As a newcomer and college student, I was always eagerly pursuing opportunities to learn and volunteer. TCET's EmpowHER came as a win-win situation. Through this program, I have learnt new skills, gained insight Canadian civic structure, and have had the opportunity to interact with MPs and MPPs. I look forward to completing the program successfully.

- Anandha Priya Shivarajan

EmpowHer has helped me learn more about event planning and group facilitation, while honing my skills in graphic design and photography. I had the opportunity to network with people of diverse backgrounds in various fields, allowing me to build connections in the nonprofit field and discover new opportunities like grant writing. I was able to not only discover new things about myself, but also make lifelong friends that continuously support and care for one another.I highly recommend EmpowHER to anyone who enjoys learning new skills and is looking for new opportunities.

- Jeevanjot Kaur

I want to thank TCET so much for running EmpowHer, and thank Therese, Sharan, Samantha, and Aima for the work that they do for the participants in EmpowHer. I joined EmpowHer after seeing promotional material circulating on social media, and I can confidently say that it was a great decision. EmpowHer has introduced me to so many wonderful womxn in the Peel Region, and held impactful workshops where I have been able to gain new skills. Also noteworthy to mention are the connections that EmpowHer provides for participants, such as politicians, business workers, scientists, and more. I highly recommend this program to any womxn in the Peel Region who is looking to become a leader in their community, looking to be part of a great team, or currently looking for new networking opportunities.

- Simran Jawanda

I joined Empowher because I thought that it would be a good opportunity to learn about various topics and gain skills. It is an amazing program that aids individuals in their professional and personal development. Throughout my time in this program, I have been able to gain many skills that I know will help me in my education and future career. I think that the workshops that we had the opportunity to attend have been extremely informative and educational. Learning about graphic design, web development, the government, and many other topics has helped me to diversify my skillset and knowledge. Another aspect of this program that I genuinely liked was being able to participate in discussions on various topics with the guests, the EmpowHer leads, and the members of the program. The leaders of the program were always extremely helpful and supporting of me and the other members, and that is one important aspect that made this program even more enjoyable and educational for me.

- Jasmeen Ranu

I joined EmpowHer Peel because I was unsure of what my skill set consisted of, and I also felt I needed more transferable skills. Throughout the program so far I have been given many opportunities to challenge myself and to push my boundaries. I truly believe this program has given me the confidence to pursue my career goals and it has helped me realize that I can do more than just write an essay. I have taken part in the Project Committee and the Newsletter Committee which have truly allowed me to showcase my creativity. Through the Project Committee, we put on a virtual vigil event in 2 weeks and so my skills in event planning were developed further. I also recognized that I have the ability to put together something so powerful with such a strict deadline. Further, the workshops have allowed me to network with important community stakeholders, and to engage in important dialogue with individuals in positions of power. All in all, the skills and networks I have gained and developed through EmpowHer Peel are extremely transferable and I am sure they will help me succeed in my future career.

- Sharan Khela

This year I volunteered for the EmpowHer event held in March and it was a marvellous experience! As an introvert who's hesitant to become a part of any new group and get comfortable with new people...I can safely say that I was very surprised by the warm and friendly welcome I received from the EmpowHer leaders and co-volunteers. I found it to be a very non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere and that just pulled me in.

These ladies genuinely strive to provide ALL women with sufficient resources and programs to help them succeed in their paths and their events are carefully planned to every last detail. I'm so thankful that I got to volunteer alongside such amazing people and get so much exposure. I look forward to being a part of EmpowHer in the future too!

- Ridhaa Kaleemuddin

"Empowher is a program I would recommend to the female newcomers and the young girls who feel the drive to contribute to the community. Through this program, I got firsthand knowledge and information on how the government of Canada works at different levels. At the same time, it rebuilt my confidence to work towards my dreams. Through this program, I got an opportunity to learn new skills and implement them by getting involved in community activities and projects. This program prepares you to be the Lady Boss!"

- Anjali Chauhan

Having recently settled in Canada, I wanted to learn more about its culture and working in diverse groups so I decided to join EmpowHer as I thought this was a great opportunity to do so while volunteering to help make a difference in the community.

This program helped me learn how to use Canva, which is a graphic design platform that allows users to create graphics and other visual content. In addition, it helped me develop new skills and knowledge to achieve both my professional and personal goals as well as the opportunity to collaborate and work with women from diverse backgrounds on projects undertaken by the cohort.

My favourite workshop was the GTAA HR Panel Questions session. This was my favourite because I am interested in boosting my career in Human Resource Management and this workshop provided a great opportunity for me to learn from professionals in the field as they provided tips and answered my questions which would further guide me along my career path.

The workshops provided me with knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of Government and Civic Engagement as well as Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, which is important to a new immigrant becoming part of the community.

My Leads supported and guided me throughout the EmpowHer program. Thus, they created a safe space so all participants felt free to speak-up and confidently share their viewpoints and perspectives. In addition, the Leads understood the capabilities and areas that required improvement for each of the participants and used these insights to challenge us to reach our full potential. Thus, enabling us to grow and adapt to any situation.

Yes, I was challenged in the program. I was challenged to write the first EmpowHer Project Report that would be used as a template for future reports. Being tasked with this allowed me to hone my existing skills and helped me to develop new skills, thus, enabling me to grow as an individual.

Honestly, I would not add or change anything because the program is well organised and structured.

- Samantha Palloo

EmpowHer has truly been such an amazing experience to me. I continue to be wholeheartedly surprised by the amount of opportunities and unique workshops that are offered by the team. From networking with government officials to learning how to code HTML sites, there’s nothing that this program doesn’t offer! The staff blend in with the rest of the group, and the other women are absolutely wonderful. Everyone has their own aspirations and goals, and I believe that EmpowHer is definitely encouraging and helping us women to reach all these different milestones. I’m grateful to be apart of the program and am always looking forward to the next workshop!

- Raksha Rehal

As a recent immigrant and an Internationally Trained Dentist, I am presently pursuing a re-certification in Canada. I look forward to completing the dentistry program in the future, so that I can be a contributing member of my new home. During the pandemic and a mentally challenging time for a newcomer, I came across the “EmpowHer Program” which provides a reliable platform for women of a certain age group. The activities and projects I participated in helped me a lot to boost my confidence. By attending various workshops, I feel acquainted with Canadian Political System and learned to create an impressive resume and website. Above all, I met many enthusiastic individuals excelling in different fields.

- Navpreet Kaur

As a young woman of colour I believe it is important for me to gain as much knowledge as I can so that I could push myself to be a better student, volunteer, and person. The EmpowHer program was great because it provided a series of workshops and seminars through which I could develop new skills and hone existing ones. Through this program I was able to gain knowledge in a wide array of fields, such as civic engagement at various levels of government, how to develop a bigger social media presence, creating an eye-catching LinkedIn profile, and even how to write grants for non profit organizations. The program provided not only a place for me to improve my technical skills, it also provided a chance to network with individuals and organizations. EmpowHer brought together young women from all sorts of backgrounds, and I am fortunate to have met and connected with them. The opportunity to learn from the breadth of knowledge that the Team Leads, guest speakers and even fellow participants was an amazing experience.

- Maya Persram

I am currently volunteering with EMPOWHER program and it is a great platform to learn and network. It has given me access to meet renowned personalities from varied fields while increasing my confidence.

- Sneha Ranawande

As a Youth LEad alumni I was looking for a new program where I could make a difference in my community while receiving mentorship opportunities which is why I joined Empowher and it was one of the best decisions I ever made! Not only did I get to meet amazing leaders in my community but I made a group of like-minded friends and we started a non-profit together! It also taught me the skills I need to run my own charity drive and helped me get an internship in the urban planning sector as well! Overall I would highly recommend this program due to all the opportunities and growth it has provided me. Cheers!

- Jessica Bajaj

I was looking for a new program to join after the experiences the Youth Lead program had brought me, and the EmpowHer program was the perfect next step to help me develop and grow as an individual, as well as better myself. This program has given me many opportunities to further the skills I already have and develop new ones, as well as to speak to so many new people and develop networks and connections with powerful, inspiring women in the community. EmpowerHer encouraged me to apply my leadership skills and to start a youth council with another member of this program, and through this experience I am learning even more and more. Overall, it has been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

- Sahejpreet Dhillon

I joined EmpowHer to be able to learn more about social media and marketing. Joining EmpowHer helped me connect with many people of different roles from politicians to entrepreneurs. I have learnt a lot in this workshop and I have volunteered in the social media committee that made me learn how to design posters and use canva. I would like to thank all the organisers and participants for their hard work in this workshop. I am proud to be part of this.

- Soha Elseidy

As an active member of my community, I chose to join the EmpowHer program to work on projects that I’m passionate about and making lasting connections with the people I work with. I love looking for opportunities to further my leadership skills, and this program provided me with countless opportunities to do so. EmpowHer encouraged me to apply for a community grant and co-found The Community Smiles Project, a project revolving around the idea of creating birthday care packages for children who cannot celebrate due to the pandemic. I can’t wait to see what other doors the program will open for me!

- Megan Singh

Hi I’m Jasmin! I am a recent graduate from the Family and Community Social Services program at the University of Guelph-Humber.

I joined the EmpowHer program as a way to expand on my community connections and develop my leadership skills. As a recent graduate who lost her summer job due to Covid-19, EmpowHer has provided me with the skill set and lasting connections I need to succeed in taking the first steps towards my alumni life.

The workshops offered at EmpowHer included both technical and professional development. Both of which have helped in moving forward with my professional career. Out of all the workshops offered, my favourite workshop was on grant writing! With the training from this workshop I volunteered and got the opportunity to work with NPOs such as Return the Love, Free for all, and Access Innovation.

EmpowHer provided me with the opportunities to use my skills for my community. With the grant writing skill I learned and used for NPO’s, I successfully wrote my own community project grant. With the use of the skills I gained from not only the Grant Writing Workshop but also workshops like Social Media Marketing, I founded the Community Smiles Project to help children celebrate their birthdays during the Covid-19 pandemic. The workshops and opportunities provided continuously challenge me to expand my skill sets and step of my comfort zones to try new things.

With the opportunities I got by being a part of the EmpowHer team I moved one step closer to my career choice. By working with such an amazing, supportive, and close-knit team I got a reference that will be the first step towards my professional future.

- Jasmin Singh

Having landed in Canada in the most unfortunate pandemic period gave me challenges in exploring the job market. Fortunately, I found Empowher which engaged me with a series of workshops that helped in enhancing my job presentation skills and also got the opportunity to interact with recruiters. Most importantly, I got to meet a lot of empowered leaders and hear their stories which motivated me to pursue a passionate career. I recommend this program for newcomers who are looking for connections to get a job in their field.

- Joycy Kovila

I joined Empowher because I wanted to enhance my leadership skills, but I ended up learning so much more. The workshops cover a range of topics from graphic design to resume creation, all which are vital when building a career in today's world. Empowher also provides numerous opportunities to apply what you've learnt to real-life scenarios, which allows for one to gain real-life experience (which is infinitely more valuable than simply knowing something). Empowher's environment is one that is very welcoming and supportive, and there is always someone you can turn to when you have any concerns.

- Dasnoor Saini

As a recent graduate going through a pandemic I thought It would be a good asset for me to brush up and learn more during this time.

- Cerika Mills

I joined EmpowHer because I thought that it could be an opportunity for me to increase my employability. Since joining EmpowHer, I have improved my confidence in my skills and abilities due to getting the opportunity to work as a team to complete projects, as well as working as an individual to lead projects. I have developed new skills that I would not have considered sharpening if not for the EmpowHer program. I am beyond grateful for the support, opportunities, and connections that I have had the opportunity to receive through this program. I feel as though my life and future have been changed and as though I am on a pathway to success that I did not quite see as clearly a few months ago! I look forward to seeing where these opportunities will take me, and hopefully, someday, I can give back to future members of the EmpowHer program!

- Alfreda Addy

EmpowHER really helped me explore new areas of business and leadership skills. The workshops were both convenient and helpful.

- Manmeet Multani

As an incoming high school senior I was looking for many ways to get involved within my community and make valuable changes in not only my life but in the lives of those around me as well. I can say with full certainty that the resources, workshops and connections I have found and been apart of through EmpowerHER have significantly changed my life for the better. I have acquired many valuable transferable skills which I cannot wait to apply in my future areas of work. Being apart of EmpowerHER has not only boosted my self esteem but made me feel so incredibly invincible. The support and sense of community found through EmpowerHER is incredible and I am so proud to be a part of this movement which has the capacity to inspire and empower young girls like me to go above and beyond and always shoot for the stars!

- Roseleen Ladi

I recently joined Empowher and all I can say is that I am very glad that I did. Empowher is doing great for the women in our community and educating girls on how to become more independent, more confident women. I’ve started to take workshops they offer and they are very informative and very educative. Basic skills that we are unable to learn from school Empowher helped me sharpen those skills I lacked. They call professional workers that are experts in their fields for them to share their knowledge. I think it’s a great way to host meetings virtually.

- Parisa Naeem

I am a part of a family with parents and siblings who immigrated to Canada from Pakistan 18 years ago. This affected my growth immensely and taught me to break cultural barriers and strive to work hard in order to reach my goals. Joining EmpowHer was an easy decision due to the fact that I immediately realized that EmpowHer is constantly aiming to motivate female youth, make a difference in their lives, and give them opportunities that they could not find anywhere else.

Being a part of such an organization allows me to be surrounded by strong leaders and build skills that I will undoubtedly be grateful for in the future. Overall, my goal has been to be as involved with my community as possible and make a positive difference within my own life as well as others, and I genuinely believe that joining EmpowHer will help me reach that goal.

- Aliza Shoaib

I joined Empowher because I wanted to meet other women and learn with them on different topics like grant writing, web designing and coding. I’m also very thankful to have gotten to participate in discussions about diversity & inclusion, civic engagement and to join in the fun activities we did such as our cooking videos. With the program, I had the opportunity to refine my skills, learn more on a few skills and made a lot more people I can network with. I really appreciated the Leads Support as they made sure no one was having any sort of problems and made sure that everyone was always caught up with everything that was going on in the team.

- Kesiya Jojan

I had found out about this firstly through the first organization I volunteered at and thought it was a great intuitive. I was later introduced again during my time at Youth LEaD. After looking through the social media I fell in love with the whole motive and idea of the program. After talking to people in the program this is something I want to continue as long as I can. You’ll meet great like minded individuals and initiatives you can do. I like to keep myself busy so doing this makes me more occupied and gives me a chance to experience something. I can’t wait to see what else I can do and is something I recommend others to join as well.

- Fiza Aamir Butt

Going into my senior year of high school, I have been stressing over the qualities I had that could help me in my post-secondary career. Grades matter, however, extra-curricular experience builds the character and habits of an individual. I had a lot of school work to keep me busy throughout the beginning of quarantine, but I found Youth LEaD, an organization that later encouraged me to join EmpowHer. This organization has been giving me a variety of opportunities where I build on my leadership, communication, and writing skills. By participating in online workshops, I've learned a lot of tips to improve my digital marketing skills. EmpowHer's projects cover a great number of topics and ideas, making them interesting for everybody. These projects are what help us each improve our different skills through each task split up between all of us. This organization provides very beneficial opportunities for any individual who is looking to learn new skills, and anybody wanting to improve existing ones.

- Jasnoor Nagra

I decided to join Empowher to develop skills that would be great assets in the future. I enjoy the workshops and collaborating with many like-minded individuals. These workshops challenge me to expand my skill set and step outside my comfort zone. I enjoy these workshops because you get to hear from a diverse group of leaders, which inspires you to take risks and create change. Moreover, the workshops gave me detailed insight on what employers look for and what I can do to improve my soft skills which again would not have been possible to learn without Empowher. Furthermore, I joined Empowher to further educate myself on our community. Empowher has given me the opportunity to meet new people and give back to the community. It has been an absolute pleasure working with this group of individuals as we plan events such as a career fair. Empowher is an amazing program composed of an amazing team.

- Arpan Thind

I joined Empowher because I wanted to enhance my communication skills and boost my confidence. During this program, I learned how to engage in conversation with people of all ages and ask questions. One of my favorite workshops was Web Designing. I really enjoyed building the website using Wix. It allowed me to experiment with different features and be creative with my design. I do enjoy workshops that involve a speaker talking about his or her field however sometimes the meeting takes a bit too long which makes me lose interest. I am glad to have very supportive leads that are always ready to help you or answer your questions. There were times where some workshops were challenging which was coding. Even though coding is an interest of mine, I did find it a little bit difficult since I had to make sure I was working on a correct file. Overall, I love being part of this program.

- Sara Sohail

I joined EmpowHer to gain new skills, build new connections in my community and increase my confidence. I am very thankful for the supportive community EmpowHer has provided and the informative workshops lead my mentors and young inspiring people in our community. I would recommend this program for those seeking a sense of belonging in their community and willing to step out of their comfort zone to learn something new. This is such an amazing program that has helped me greatly through feeling educated and informed along this pandemic.

- Ashley Beerdat

EmpowHer was an opportunity for me to meet the female voices within our community and to learn skills that no other program could teach. By facilitating detailed workshops and stimulating training sessions, EmpowHer has taught me a plethora of skills ranging from website design to resume creation. More importantly, the program’s speakers have taught me more about the political process and the problems that demand change within our society. My favourite workshop was when MPP Sara Singh visited and I got to witness a powerful woman of colour in our community who was changing the way females were viewed as leaders and discussing issues that I valued. The fun of EmpowHer extends even further as the friendships between participants and Team Leads allow you to learn in a comfortable and chill environment.

- Aima Shafiq

I am really glad that I have been given the opportunity to learn, connect and grow my network through this program.

- Sivar Rajab Khan

Hello! My name is Poojan and I am a team member in EmpowHer for the Summer 2020 cohort. I had initially joined to gain more volunteer experience and work with a diverse group of women of all ages and education backgrounds. However, there was much more that came out of this single opportunity then I had expected! EmpowHer isn’t about simply gaining volunteer hours, we were encouraged and given the support to take on small projects and leadership opportunities which would not have been possible without the support from the coordinators and their open-mindedness. I got to create special valuable connections on a personal basis with women from all backgrounds in the team by working together and motivating each other to plan community events and initiatives through EmpowHer.

It made me realize how despite our diverse age and backgrounds the one commonality we all have is our passion for service above self. Personally, I have generally taken on several diverse leadership roles prior to EmpowHer where I was required to make large decisions and manage a large group of people. However, through EmpowHer I was able to improve my listening skills and work at the same level as my peers and take the time to observe what others had to say and pitch ideas that represent the majority consensus when planning events with my peers. We have participated in several unique workshops as well and have gotten the chance to speak with community leaders and organizations that I have always looked up to. However, it was a pleasure to meet MP Sahota as I have admired her work and what she does in the community. I do not think I would have gotten a chance to interact with her personally without Empowher. However, each workshop such as the coding or HR panel workshops with employers have been very informative and I learned skills that anyone can use in their field regardless of their education background. It was empowering to learn how to code especially since this field is a male dominated area and it is expensive to take classes. However, EmpowHer was able to remove that barrier.

Moreover, the workshops gave me detailed insight on what employers look for and what I can do to improve my soft skills which again would not have been possible to learn without EmpowHer. A memorable moment was on our first meeting when everyone had introduced themselves and what traits and skills they want to improve overtime. It has been exciting to see the growth of not only myself but of my peers by seeing them have more confidence to speak in large meetings and their fantastic ideas. We all have blossomed through EmpowHer. The Leads Support have been phenomenal and they truly let each one of us grow and develop through checking in on us and encouraging us when event planning may get difficult. Overall, this one experience singlehandedly changed my summer experience to become more memorable and I am excited to walk out of this opportunity as a more open minded and confident young woman.!

- Poojan Brahmbhatt

Is confidence a quantity? Is confidence a numeric? A number that can be added or subtracted, a thing that can bend it's back backwards, forced by the will of another?


But, why would that matter? This was my way of thinking and for a long time I believed my self worth was determined by another and measured by the others.

Confidence, personal growth and character development are defined and nurtured only by you and I learnt this from EmpowHer. We are a group of young women who seek to find more than just what meets the eye, we aim to raise the bar, to create the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

EmpowHer gave me the room to experiment with what I love doing the most, creative writing. They gave me the chance to cultivate and harness my words, to voice my opinions to hundreds of people with the newsletter. The love and kindness I received from the group sputtered out the fear and doubt I carried at the bottom of my heart from years of avoiding embarrassment.

Because confidence is not a quantity, a number or a thing. It is not determined by the others. And it matters.

Confidence is subjective, it can be a weapon, a shield, an embroidery or a medal of honor worn only by you.

For all of the people who may not have had the opportunity to learn about themselves, this program was made just for you.

If you let the fear get the best you then you will never be the best of yourself.

- Rathini Paransothinathan